Blog 318: Times are changing

times are changing

In life we all experience change, from being at home to starting school, to starting big school, to going to college, to moving out to go to university, to having a new job, to a new relationship, to getting married, to a new baby being born, to someone close passing away, to changing jobs. In one persons’ life there is so much change and it can be quite daunting with the prospect of not know what is going to happen in the future. Change is something that will happen to everyone and some people find it hard and other people like change. However, I am not one who likes change, I like to be in one place at one time, I like to go to the same place on holiday, I like to know when things will be happening and if I don’t then I get anxious and I feel that my life is crazy.

Over the last few years my life has changed a lot, I have got married, I have been on holiday, I have had different weddings, I have seen so many different people grow up and sometimes I want life to pause and to be able to take in what is happening around me. I know that in different stages of life different things will happen and there will be many changes but I also know that some changes are good for us. Some changes are small, some changes are big, some changes don’t affect us individually, some changes affect our family, some changes land in devastation and it can be hard with all the changes going on in our lives. Change can be uncertain and change can be hard but we need to grasp it with both hands and accept that throughout life change will happen.

Every change that happens in out life can bring different emotions, we can be happy and thrilled that we have a new baby, that we have a new job, that we have a new house and that is wonderful. However, there will be times when change can make us mad, that we become sad such as loosing someone close to us, such as having to move house when we are forced to. Change can and will be hard but in it all we know that it is good for us and it keeps us on our toes. Imagine if we had no change in our lives, we would be bored and life would be boring for everyone. Change will be good however, a weekly or daily routine is good for us too. We need to value our routines and we need to keep up our routines. Change may be good but our routine is good for us too, it keeps us comfortable and settled in our way of life.

For some of us we may experience change each day, we may have uncertainty each day but in our lives we know we are doing the best things that we can do. We know that we are able to keep on going when we have change and so when change does come we need to keep on going. We need to keep our chins up and we need to accept the change that is going on in our lives. We need courage to keep on going everyday with the things that we have to go through and we have to go through changes as part of our life. Some of these changes will be challenging but through all of them we will learn life lessons and we will learn more about ourselves too. Through changes we will learn more about the people around us too, we will know those people who will stick by us and we will know those people who will not be able to cope and will walk out of our lives.

However, there is no need to be disheartened with the people that walk out of our life because that is what happens in our life. Changes happen in everyone’s life and it will be hard but we need to know that God is there, God will help us through this change, God will keep those people close to us that are important, God will help us when we get anxious about the changes that are coming up. You know something, God will help us through the things that we go through. Don’t you think it is amazing that God will keep us close to Him and His word? God will protect us from all the things that come our way and He will help us to keep on going no matter what comes our way.

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