Blog 312: ‘Love is in the air’


In four days time we celebrate Valentines Day, the day of love, love is in the air. This is just a classic comment that is flown around all the time but do you truly feel this and can you see why people say this? Everyone is trying to do something special for the person that they love, they are trying to get gifts, they are trying to get organise a meal, they are trying to get a last minute present and it can be special for the person on the receiving end. This is the day when the love of your life can feel that extra special, you get them a delicious take-away, maybe a bunch of flowers, a night together at a local hotel or maybe time when you can be alone and just have ‘you’ time. This is an important day for a lot of couples to show there love to each other, to show there commitment to each other, everywhere you look there is ‘love in the air.’

How do you measure love? The amount of times you say, ‘i love you.’ the amount of time someone does something for you, the amount of time they buy you flowers, the amount of time you cook them dinner? Love is a strange thing, some days we can feel it heavily and other days we may not feel it at all, sometimes it may be hard and other days it may be easy, some days it may take a while to show it and other times it will come naturally, some days it may take gifts and other times it may take nothing. We are all human and we show love in different ways and that is okay. You can show love to your partner in a way that they will be able to admire and enjoy. This may be as simple as making them a cup of tea or giving them a cuddle, small things can make a heart miss a beat and its cute.

Love is shown and should be shown on an everyday basis and it should not be overlooked. The smallest things make a huge difference. The smallest things can include doing the washing up or doing the night shift with the babies but it can also be big things like booking a hotel for the night or even taking the person you love out for dinner. Love can be such a strange thing but it can be a beautiful thing too. We often look at movies and the ‘hollywood romance,’ and wish we had that but that is fake love. We often want to have the love that those movies hold but in reality love is hard work, it is a two way thing, it takes a lot of effort and we need to be thankful for those people that stick by us, for those people that love us through all things.

Loving someone through everything can be tough, life will be hard but with love we can get through everything, life will be demanding but if you make time love can prevail, life will be full of anxiety but your partner is able to calm you down not through being controlling but through love. Love can overcome many things but we have to know that you both have to make an effort, you both have to be willing to make a relationship work. It is not about giving 50:50 but instead about giving 70 and expecting 30 back because the more love we give the more we will be able to keep on going through the tough tings that come our way. Sometimes our love may feel hollow but when it does we should not give up but instead keep on going and let the other person feel loved and not neglected just because we feel low. Our love for other people should not be affected.

Love is such a special thing showed by two different people and it should be treasured and not taken for granted. God showed us love so that we are able to love other people and they can love us. In a marriage a love is shown between a man and a women and it is something special that should be held above anything else. There is a special love that a man and women who are married will hold and nothing can and will change something that God has bought together. For many people God will not be at the centre of your marriage but God has joined you together and so through everything His love will overcome even the hardest times.

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