Blog 311: Our slow love


Some people fall in love quickly and other people fall fast. When I first met my husband I knew I wanted to marry him and I even said to my brother that one day he will be my husband! Guess what 5 years later we were married! I know it took him a bit longer to fall in love with me and that is the case for most people so I don’t hold that against him! I know that he loves me loads! I remember the first time we said, ‘I love you.’ My hear fluttered, my beat stopped and I didn’t know what to say! I still feel giddy every time he says it to me now- I think it is comfort, it is a blessing for someone to love me so much that they want to spend the rest of their life with me. Sometimes I don’t understand it but other times I am so blessed to have this wonderful man in my life and to love me until death comes. It should be such a wonderful thing and we should be blessed and grateful beyond measure.

It is easy to love someone and to be happy with people but feeling true love can take a very long time and it is not strange to feel so. A deep, emotional and true love can be hard to find with anyone but when we do find it, it will be amazing and we will feel so much better and totally different to how we would normally feel because we can feel such a true love that cannot be unconnected. There are a lot of times in life when we may not feel like loving other people and how people love us. We can feel love all the time but it can be hard when we have interruptions from other people, when the children wake us up really early in the morning, when we are not able to get out of bed, when we are sick our love may come and go and it is totally normal because we are emotional people. Our emotions come and go and feeling love is one of those emotions that comes and goes and it can be hard for other people around us to feel loved all the time.

When we love someone we cannot expect them to love us straight away, it will take them time, it will take them time to feel love towards us. It is not something that we should be ashamed of, it is not something that we should be annoyed at and we should be patient with them. If I was not patient for my now-husband to love me then I could have given up but I didn’t, I kept on going and now look at us, we are married, we are truly in love and it is wonderful. It is wonderful being in love with each other now but when we have children we will have to go through love all over again. Being parents is not an easy thing and to truly love our child will take a lot of strength and calmness. The moment our child is born we will feel unreal love but we will have to work on truly loving our child even through the hard times.

We are all human and we will think about our own feelings and emotions and not always other peoples. We think about what we would like and the love that we want to receive and not the love that we should give to other people. Building a base of love for anyone takes time and sometimes it will take years to develop and really truly love someone. We are all sinful people, we all want to do our own things, we all want us to be happy, we want people to love us, we all want to feel good about ourselves but sometimes that is not always the case and we are not able to feel this as we do not have the confidence that we are able to have. No matter what relationship you are in and who are around you will learn to love someone and you will learn to truly love them as time goes by.

We all take time to love someone however, God does not take a long time to love us. He loved us before the world began, He loves us before our parents got together, He loved us before we were conceived, He loved us before we could even love Him. He didn’t just love us but He truly loves us, He loves more than we can imagine, more than we are able to love other people. What a truly amazing thing, what a truly amazing God He is!

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