Blog 310: Behind the mask

behind the mask

Do you really know who you are? If you looked really deep into your heart do you really know who you are? Do you know who you are behind all the make-up and deep into your body? Knowing who we are and finding our identity is hard, it is something that we all struggle with and something that affects our self-esteem. When we are born we have an identity, we are born a male or female, we are children of x and y, we are grandchildren of certain people, we are loved for who we are and that is important for us to know this deep down and behind the mask that we show the rest of society. We look for our identity in so many other things, we look for it in our jobs, we look for it in our families, we look for it in the house we have, we look for it in the car we have, we look for it in the number of children we have and that is not where our identity should lie.

We often find it hard to find our identity in other places, our personal ability, our appearance, how others judge you, your job and it is important to tread carefully and to make sure that we do not find our identity in other people and certainly not things. We all think the things we do are important and we think that our personal abilities and achievements are for our identities but it is not. We may think we are good at football, we may be good at sport, we may be good at painting, we may be good at drawing, we may be good at music, we may be good at crafts and that is wonderful. However, as much as we are good at these things and as much as we may enjoy them they do not make our identity. One day we will get old, we will not be able to do the things we want to be able to do and our identity cannot be in these things because one day we will loose them and then how will you feel.

Our appearance may be another thing that we find our identity in but we should not as this is not important. Every morning we wake up and what is the first thing you go and what do you do? Very often we go to the bathroom and look at ourselves in the mirror and make ourselves look better. We quiet often find our faces looking back at us and we don’t like it and so we do our hair, we do our make-up, we want to feel better but often we are not happy with what is staring back at us. We always want to be better, we always want to look better, we want our hair to be a certain way, we want to right amount of make-up on, we want our identity to be perfect. However, throughout the day our make up will wear off, our hair will get windswept and when we look in the mirror in the evening we will not be the same person we were when we left in the morning. We don’t loose our identity just because of our appearance.

We often worry about what other people think about us, we worry about how we feel around them, we try and be different when other people are around us but that is not our identity. It is true that we want friends, we want people to be attracted to us  but that does not make our identity. We have lived life where we are not valued, we are judged, we are seen as boring, we are unseen, we are told we are the weird one, we are told that we are the loud one, we are told that we are not good enough. There are so many times when we are beaten down and that can effect us. That can affect our identity because we hold on to what people think of us. We feel judged by other people and we want to change it, we want to be the same as other people but we are not made like other people, we are different and we should be glad and joyful because of it.

We are all created differently, we are all created to have our own identities and we are special because of it. If we were all the same we would all be boring and life would be so boring too. We all have an identity in God if we are a child of Him. We are so often looking for our identity in something else but we actually need to look at it in GOd, we need to know that through God everything is better and our identity is not in the things around us but in God and His love for us.

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