Blog 309: Are you confident?

how confident are you

I have never been one for being confident, I have never been one to talk to strangers, to feel good about myself but I suppose that is part of life and that is who we are. Some people are confident and others are not and that is okay, we are all different people. For some people they are confident and other people are only confident on the outside as they want to show the ‘world’ that they are able to keep on going even when they are struggling and they have things to go through in life. A lot of people are confident on the outside but on the inside they are riddled with guilt, fear and self-doubt. That is the cost of being confident, inside you are self-conscience of yourself and afraid of what other people think of you.

There are often times when we have to be confident, we have to stand up in front of other people, we have to speak to a group, we have to talk to to people we find it hard to speak to, we have to put ourselves in front of other people, we have to have confidence in places that we least expect it. It can be hard to have confidence in the right place as our minds tell us differently. We have the whispers in our head, ‘you can’t do this,’ you are weak,’ ‘you can’t speak to all those people,’ ‘you don’t have enough confidence.’ Our minds can play all sorts of tricks on us and it can be hard on us to believe in ourselves and to keep strong with all the things going on in the world. We need to believe in ourselves, we need to believe that we can have confidence, we need to believe that we can do all the things that we can put our mind too.

We often promise ourselves that as we get older things will get better, we will be more confident, but in reality it does not happen, in reality the older we get the less confident we become. We will have more struggles, we have things to do, we have people to talk to and it is hard. It is hard as society puts pressure on us to be more confident and to get things done however, it is not how it is. Confidence can be hard, life does get harder the older we get, we think that when we have confidence all things will form into place but they do not and we have to keep on trying. First of all we have to believe in ourselves in order to have confidence to keep on going. However, there is a small line between being confident and cocky. We need to have a good self-esteem but not to be too cocky with ourselves and the things that we are able to do.

Nothing to do with age, to do with confidence, nothing to do with any stage of life can give you confidence. It just takes time to be confident and to be able to do the things that we want to do. There will still be times when we lack in confidence, when we get shy but we will be able to get through those periods in life. We will have confidence because we are able to work on it and we will have the people around us that will be able to help us to grow and develop into the person and adult we will be. Having confidence and not being cocky will be hard and we need to have the right balance. However, there will be times when we are over confident and we are cocky but there will also be times when we have little confidence and we need to dig deep to find it in ourselves.

Being confident comes with time and it will be hard for people to understand and for us to keep on going. However we are able to keep on going and to find confidence when we least expect it and we find it strange. However, the only way we can get through confidence is through Jesus and the confidence that we can have will be through Him and His Spirit in us. We struggle with our negative thoughts and the whispers in our ears, I know I do, but God can help us with that. God will help us to keep on going, to put these thoughts behind us, to hold onto the truth. God will give us strength in all situations and He will keep on believing in us when we are not able to believe in ourselves.

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