Blog 308: ‘I moved one thing’

I move one thing

Do you think we women can find things all the time? I feel that we are able to, whether they are our things or not. In our family my husband and I have had so many conversations like this:

Hubby:  “Do you know where … is?”

Me: “Yes just in the cupboard”

Hubby: “I’ve looked there but its not there”

Me: “But it is behind the …”

Hubby: “Oh it is? I’ve looked in the cupboard”

Me: “Did you look behind it?”

Hubby: “No, am I meant to do that?”

Me: “Yes, Are you sure you really looked?”

Hubby: “Yes, can you look?”

Me: “Sure, but you owe me a kiss if I do!”

Hubby: *sigh* “ok, fine. But you won’t “

With that I go to the cupboard and I find the thing that he was looking for. Within seconds I have found it. I walk into the other room and show it to him, he can’t believe it and can’t believe it even more that he put it somewhere I have found it, where he put it! I know that it might sound stupid but I seem to find everything in the flat even if I have not put it somewhere. Maybe we look more or we just have our eyes open more of the time. I think it is because we have so many things to do and so many people to look after that we know where things go and when other people need it.

Oh, the many times men can’t find things! How many times we, women, have to come to the rescue and found so many things that they are not able to ‘find!’ If I had a dollar for everything that I had found something for a man in my life then I would certainly be a millionaire! I have found that most men are the worst lookers and even though they put something in a place they still are not able to find it. It amazes me how they loose so many things and they still are not able to find it. Bless them, I think their eyes must be half closed most of the time! However, how many times have you lost something? I know that you will find it in the end and the less stressed you get the more you won’t find it and the more you will get stressed. It is a horrendous cycle and you just need time to re-focus and look again.

It is bad when we are not able to find things especially when it is something important or special to you. It can be hard and make us emotional but we have to keep on going and in the end we find something. We always know somebody who has lost something, maybe you have too, but they have found it again, they have looked, they have moved things and eventually we find it. The harder we look for it the more we do find it and that is what happens with most of life. We look and we are able to find things that we need and that makes life so much happier. There are times in life when we find things that we did not know we had, things that we didn’t know we need and we accept it with an open heart and it changes our life.

That is the same with God, we have gone through most of our life not knowing that we need Him, not knowing that God can change our lives, not knowing that we have missed Him, not knowing that if we look we are able to find Him. He is like something being lost in our lives, it is like something that we have never had but we have found Him. We think that our life is complete, that we are able to go through life on our own but in reality we are not able to. We need God in our lives, we need to trust in Him, we need to believe in Him, we need to know that He is in control, we need to know that through all things in life God knows what He is doing and God knows that we need Him when we don’t even think we do. We do need God in our life and we need to know that we are all looking for something, we are all looking for something to satisfy our needs and to help us but we are able to. God can satisfy our needs, God will and can help us with our life even when we think we do not need to.

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