Blog 306: ‘In God’s timing’

gods timing

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘everything is in Gods timing’? However, sometimes it is hard to believe in this quote and believe that God is in control of all of our days. He is in control of our movements, the hair on our head, the places we go, the jobs we have, the children we bear, the relationships we get into. God is in control of all things that we do. No matter how we feel, who we are with, where we are God is in control of everything. He was the One who put the stars into the universe, made the earth go around the sun, made the fish in the sea, made the tides in the waves and how amazing is it? Gods timing was perfect from the beginning and we need to believe that His timing is perfect in our lives too. It will be hard but it will be good to believe it and to trust that God is fully in control.

It may be hard to see that God is in control, we have struggles in our lives, we have points in our life when we wonder why we something has happened. We struggle as to why God does certain things in our lives and why we have to go through it. Everything we go through is for the glory of God, so that we are able to grow and develop in our lives and so that we are able to show Christs love through everything that we do. When something hard happens in our life we are easy to blame it on God and wonder why He has let things happen to us however, how often do you praise God when things go well and you are happy in your life? No matter the things we go through and the things that we say Gods timing is perfect and He is in control of everything that we do and say.

We often find it hard to be patient and wait for Gods timing but God is doing it so then we are able to grow in our relationship with Him. Sometimes the waiting in life is hard and our timings are hard too, we find waiting hard. We have to be honest that waiting and being patient sucks and we as humans are not very good at it. We find it hard to wait for the right job to come along, we find it hard to wait for the new school, we find it hard for the new baby to come along, we wait for the right house, we wait for the right amount of money to come into our bank, we wait for the right things to come along and it can be hard to wait. It is hard to wait because everything we want to happen is us wanting to do things in our timing rather than is Gods timing.

Gods timing may not be how you want it but it is perfect and you need to trust that God is fully in control and His timing is better than ours. No matter what we think or what we talk about or what we believe Gods timing is so much better than ours. When we go through the tough times it is hard to believe that God is doing something wonderful in our lives but it is true and God is amazing and He has the best timing that we can imagine. Hard things will happen and hard times will exist but do you believe in Gods timing and that the things that happen in life are for our sake and for the goodness of us and the people around us. We do not need to stress about the things that are happening because God is fully in control and He knows what our life is going to hold.

We may often find that things are hard and things don’t go our way but I tell you now God is fully in control, God fully knows what our life is going to hold, God fully knows what hardships we are going to go through, God fully knows how we are feeling, God fully knows what we are thinking, God fully knows when our heart will stop, God fully knows when we will get sick, God fully knows who will leave our lives, God fully knows our every breath, God fully knows everything about us. How amazing is that and how amazing is God. Everything from our very first cry to our final breath is controlled by God and His timing is perfect.

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