Blog 305: Marriage eyes

marraige eyes

When I got married I didn’t know what it would be like and how we would form together as a married couple but it is going well. Marriage is a really beautiful thing and something that I am blessed by. I am so thankful for the man that I have married, for the way he treats me, for the way he loves me, for the way he protects me, for the fact that I am his wife and he is my husband. Marriage is such a blessing for those people who are married but it is still okay to be single too, it is totally fine to be single and all of the below can be used in everyday life. However, before I got married I wish I had known these things:

1) It can be fun but it won’t always be easy. There will be times during our marriage that will be harder than others. There will be times when it will be easier to give up. There will be times when things happen that we are not proud of. There will be times when we struggle to keep on going. There will be times when we struggle to tell the other person how we are feeling. Marriage will not be easy, there will be misunderstanding, there will be shouting, there will be arguments, there will be sleepless nights, there will be money problems and you know what it will be fun. There will be fun times but it will not always be easy and that is okay. Marriage is fun and I would take all the struggles over everything to be married to the person that I love.

2) Sometimes a hug can go a long way. No matter how we are feeling, no matter what we do, no matter how bad a day has been, no matter how the other person feels a hug can go a long way. No matter what happens in the day make sure you always hug your other half at the end of the day. Everyday is a blessing and we should not take it for granted so take a moment to hug your special ones extra close today. No matter how small or how long a hug can be amazing, it can make us feel better, it can make us feel accepted, it can make us feel that we are wanted and loved. A hug is something small but can make us feel so much better through the things that happen, it can make a bad day be a good day, a hard day be an easy day and it is worth it.

3) Don’t go to bed angry. There will be times in your life and in your marriage that you will want to go to bed and not talk about your feelings and the things that are affecting you. It is important to talk about everything and to make sure that you do not go to bed angry no matter how you are feeling. Make sure you talk before you go to bed because then everything is out on the ‘table’ and no secrets are hold. It is good to have time with your own space and to have a time to think but that should not be overnight. You do not want to go into another day with a chip on your shoulder and to be angry at your other half. It is important to have things all out in the open no matter what goes on in life and no matter how you are feeling.

Sharing life with someone else can be hard and there will be ups and downs but marriage is such a blessing and such a wonderful thing. Marriage is a gift from God between one man and one women that truly love each other. Marriage is something that is beautiful and should not be taken for granted. No matter what happens and no matter what people think of you concentrate on your marriage, your loved one, your life because God has blessed you with a wonderful person to live life with and to go on adventures. I am so grateful that God has been able to bless me with an amazing person to live life with, I am so blessed that we are able to live our life together, we are able to go on adventures, we are able to serve Him, we are able to work well together and I am so blessed by it.

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