Blog 303: Another Year

another year

It is another year and another time to have another adventure. It is another time to head on the road, to climb the mountains before us, to get up the steep hill, to have things thrown at us that we don’t expect. Another new year to try and get through with all the things that life will throw at us, to get the things done that we need to do, to go on more adventures, to be with family, to go on holidays and so much more. What things do you want to be able to get done this year? What do you want to do and look back on at the end of the year and to be proud of? It is a new year and a new beginning.

Sometimes we think that the new year should be better, all the worries from the last year will go away. We seem to think that at midnight on 31st December everything goes away and we can press a re-start button but it is not like that, we still have life to live, we still have to carry on, we still have to keep on going no matter what the last few days and years have thrown at us. It seems like we need fresh energy, fresh vision and fresh steps which can be hard. It can be hard to keep on going when we have mountains in front of us to climb, when we have things going on that we are not sure of. It can and will be hard but we will get through it and life will be so much better because of it. We need to have a positive attitude as we go into the new year. It will be hard to put things behind us that have hurt us but we need to and we need to focus on the future and not dwell on the past.

As we go into a new year we can look back on how far we have come, what we have been able to achieve and it should be good. We need to be thankful for all the things that have happened, the lessons that we have been able to learn, the breaks that we have been able to have and we should be proud of ourselves. As we go into a new year be proud of the year that you have been able to come from, the people that have surrounded you, the friends that have stuck by you. Some people would have gone out of your life and that is okay, they don’t know what they are missing out on. Other people have stuck by your side when you have been through the wars and we are grateful for those people. Last year may have been hard and you may have struggled but put that to one side and keep on working on you, life is a journey and there will be things that happen but you have the strength to keep on going.

As we start a new year all across the world it is time to get ready for the things that we want to do. There will be days that will be harder than others and there will be days when it is easy to get through and that is part of everyday life and you will be able to get through it all, you will be able to get through the days when you don’t want to get out of bed, you will get through the days that are super busy, you will get through days when you have no one to talk to, you will get through the days when you have to see lots of people, you will get through everyday no matter what goes on. It may be hard, it may be easy but you will get through it and you will be grateful that you never gave up on yourself and other people.

This may be the year when people come into your life and when people leave you and it will be hard. It will be hard when people turn there back on you but you know what God is always there. We live in a world when people come and go in our lives but God will be there with you not just today, not just tomorrow but forever if you believe and trust in Him. Through your struggles and through your hardships God will give you strength, God will keep giving your courage to keep on going. Believe in Him and He will help you, He will continue to give you the things in life that you need and the strength to keep on going.

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