Blog 296: Magic of Christmas

magic of Christmas

Don’t you find this time of the year magic? There are so many reason why Christmas is so magic, I don’t mean weirdly but beautiful. Some of you may have snow over Christmas and I find that really magical and special, not many people get to enjoy a ‘white’ Christmas. Christmas seems to be magic because it is a point in our lives when we don’t have to focus on ourselves but we can spend time with other people, we can show them how special they are to us, we can give them our time. It is good to do something special as a family and to spend time together, this could be as simply as seeing the Christmas lights in your street. It really is a magical time and we need to make the most of it while we are healthy and have family around us.

I feel that Christmas is only magical if you reach out to people that are not able to do things, if you do something for your neighbour, if you cook a meal for the mum struggling, if you do a school run for the father who is single, if you put other people first. Christmas is all about giving but that does not have to be presents, instead it can be our time. A little action goes a long way. It can make someone else’s Christmas magical and special. We have this time of year bang in the middle of the winter when it is dark, dreary and rainy outside but once we start the holidays and put the lights up it seems like we are in a different mood. We want to give love, we want to give time and we want others to know that they are special and we can do this through simply but wonderful things.

This time of year can bring joy to those least expecting it, it can bring happiness to those who are sad, it can bring love to those who are unloved, it can bring family to those who have none, it can bring back memories to those who have dementia. It is such a magical time of year and we should not take it for granted. It is a time when we can share our blessings to those people who have none, it is a time to be grateful for everything we have around us, it is a time when we can love. Who have you shown love to this festive season? You don’t need to go out of your way or even spend a lot of money but you do need to show love to those around and help them to have a magical Christmas, you don’t want them to miss out. You want them to have the best time, the best gifts, the best family, the best friends, the best food, the best clothes, the best tree, the best dinner even when they are not able to have it.

We all give and receive presents at Christmas and it is magical that people want to spend time and money on you because you are special to them. They know that life would not be the same without you and how special to know that people want you in their life. It is magical to think that people go out of their way to spend time with you over Christmas and over one of the most busy periods of the year. We all love to recieve presents and to make us feel special but do we like to give presents away? Do we like to spend money on that person who doesn’t really need it, to the person who we have not spoken to in ages, to that person who we have drifted away from, to that person who has hurt us? It takes us strength and a lot of love to keep relationships active and to keep us loving them even when the year has not gone as we have planned. It can and will be hard but we need to think of the magic of Christmas and what it is all about.

This festive period is not about the turkey dinner, is not about the presents, is not about the Christmas tree, is not about the lights, is not about seeing family, is not about the time of work, is not about Santa, is not about the children being happy but instead about something much better and much bigger. All of these add up to the joy and magic of Christmas but we should not loose the meaning of the this time and the reason for the festive period. ‘The magic of Christmas is not in the presents but in His presence. Will accept the greatest gift of all?

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