Blog 293: Dark times

dark times

It is winter and we are all experiencing the dark mornings, the not wanting to get up in the morning, leaving for work in the dark, coming home in the dark and it is miserable and it can be hard work trying to find motivation. It is hard to be happy and feel good when there are so many dark things happening in this world. Over the years in this country and others we have seen the awful things that have happened. Things have affected us personally, things have affected the country we live in and things have affected the world. It can be hard to live in a world where people are so against each other and want what is best for them and not other people. These are the top few that I came across while searching for them online, Roman Catholic Sex abuse, forced extinction of species for mans greed, fanatical terrorism, wild bush fires in Australia, the world wars and more.

You think about that and know it looks horrendous but you think that life cannot get much more grim and dark but think about the things that have happened in this country over the last 5 years: terrorist attacks, people being stabbed, the Grenfell fire, child trafficking, crashes on the motorways, the lack of trust in government, women getting raped and murdered, gangs, different major chains closing down, people loosing jobs, children having cancer, animals being killed and harmed, and so much more. When you look at that and also the things to happen around the world it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to see how we can be happy with the life that we are living. It is hard not to feel dark and grim especially now it is the winter, we are almost licensed to. This time of year is so hard in so many ways but we need to keep on looking for the good things that happen.

Throughout our lives things will be hard, we will all have dark times both being part of the country we are in and personally. It will be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but it will come and we have to be patient. The light will never switch off but sometimes we have to just look for it. I know it is hard to look for the light when there are so many dark things happening in this world and in your personal life. If we feel down and depressed, believe me, it is really hard to get out of the cycle and it is really hard to keep on going. It is hard to see the stream of light coming into your dark cave, you still want to be with other people but don’t want to be with them, you want to go out but don’t want to go when the time comes. Life is hard but the more you let darkness control you then you are not letting yourself see the light and enjoy yourself.

In life we will have times where we find it hard to keep on going and not to let the darkness take over our lives. At this time of year though we are nearly to Christmas and nearly starting another new year which can mean a fresh start and fresh ideas. We can want to think about how we can be happy with the life that we are living, how we can keep on going and how we can carry on. Sometimes we are not able to rely on people because they come and go depending on how they feel about us and what is happening in their lives. This can be hard and we can feel isolated, it can mean that we get depressed and we don’t know why we are still living. However, when all our friends and family have gone we have no need to worry. We have no need to be alone, we have no need to feel dark, we have no need to be in our cave on our own, we have not need to be isolated.

Have you noticed that at this time of year all the lights go up? Christmas is about celebration and being cheerful for all the things that have happened and wanting to see what the future holds. At this time of year we put lights up and light the candles because there is One who bought light to the world, there is one who can give light to you, there is One who can help you through your darkness, there is One who will be there when everything else is going wrong, there is One who can and will be with you if you open your heart to Him. Will you do this? Are you willing to welcome the light of God into your life?

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