Blog 289: One Month

one month until Christmas

Christmas is coming quick and I can’t believe that it is just one month and two days away! Can you believe that this time is almost upon us? We are now on the home stretch of Christmas coming and we can really begin to get started on all the preparations. You can almost feel the excitement in the air, the trees are being bought, the presents are being ordered and the lights are going up everywhere. People are starting to get busy, writing Christmas lists, finishing their year off and it can be hectic. Everywhere you go you can tell people are getting into the Christmas spirit, you can also tell that other people are waiting for as long as they can before they start the festive season.

There are two different types and of people and you know who you are! At this time of year there are so many things to do, so many cards to write and so many places to see and it can be hard work. On top of that you have all of the end of year things to do, you have the checklists to get through, you have the shopping to do, the colds start to come, the children are getting tired, most of us are at the end of our tether and it can be very hard to get everything done. We are tired and Christmas can be almost one thing too much. With one month to go we have to schedule our time, we have to clear the diaries and get the Saturdays free to get the trees down from the loft, we are seeing whether the decorations are for public viewing, baking and thinking of all the people that are coming over.

I do find that the month leading up to Christmas can be more busy than the actual day, there is more planning to do and more chance for things to go wrong. Not only do we have to plan for Christmas day but we also have to plan for Boxing day, New Years Eve and New Years Day and that can be very tiring! We seem to have four days in the space of a week that we have to go places or entertain and we can get exhausted. Not only should the next month be full of preparing but also relaxing and having time for ourselves and our family. Christmas is a time when we can get sick, we can be overwhelms and we can get grumpy so these next few weeks we have to have time for ourselves and we have to have time where we can recharge our batteries. If that means having time alone then we need to do that.

Christmas takes so much preparation and we all get tired because of it. We need to think about why we do all this preparation, why we want to have family around us, why we want to make it the best day. We need to think about whether it is worth it and worth our time. Why do we have Christmas? What is the reason we have this one day in the year when we get together with family and friends? What does Christmas mean to you? We all find this time of the year hard especially when we are on our own. Maybe it is time we thought about the real reason for this season is and what the true meaning is all about. Have you thought about Christmas and why you think it is here? We will be going to all sorts of children’s plays about the nativity but have you thought about why we have it and who this Jesus was who was born in a stable?

We all think we have got Christmas sorted, with the family, the food, the presents and the lights but in reality have you thought about why we have this this time of year. We all think that we have things sorted and we have our heart sorted but do we actually? Have you thought about the baby that was born to a virgin women and in a stable? It does take time to be able to think about the reason for this season and it will take time to comprehend it. Jesus was a little baby and if it was not for Him coming at Christmas then we would not have Easter and we would not have salvation. Jesus came to save us and Jesus came to give us salvation, what can be a better present than this at Christmas?

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