Blog 286: Make memories

make memories

Throughout life we have moments that we want to remember forever, we have moments that we will never forget, we have moments that we want to treasure. We try and remember and photograph as much as we can but sometimes a photo is just not enough. We may even forget to take a camera with us. We tend to rush through the day and look at things rather than take in all the things that are around us. We tend to try and remember things rather than make memories with them. We seem to forget what it is like to stop and enjoy the things around us. We need to look at the mundane things in life and be happy with the things we are doing and the memories we are making. Are you happy with the memories that you have made today? If you look back at the past there will be somethings that you want to forget but they will all be memories and the happy ones will outweigh the sad ones.

In life there will be happy memories and there will be hard one but that is part and parcel of life. There will be memories that we would rather forget, there will be memories that we can laugh at and there will be memories that we want to re-create. I am so thankful for all the memories and all the things that I have been able to do. People come in our lives and then are soon forgotten, jobs come and go, our journey is never ending but we take everything for granted. We seem to take all the small things for granted and before we know it the day is over and we are preparing for the next. We don’t realise how important some things and people are to us before we don’t have them anymore. We take them all for granted and don’t even realise it because of the rush of everyday life and what it throws at us.

We tend to take pictures when it is a big event or we feel the need that we have to share it with other people but in the process we let mundane things just pass by. Life goes so fast and we often forget to take a snapshot of the day and what we have done throughout it. In the future we will forget the things that we have done and it will be a blur so now think about the things that you want to keep hold off. Think about the things that you want to take a snapshot of and be ready for the surprises that come your way. Everyday is full of things that we least expect but are you ready to see them? You are ready to take a snapshot and store it in your memory? Are you ready to make memories? Are you ready to look back at the memories that you have already made?

With life going so quickly it is important to have time with our loved ones, to have time with the children, to have time going places, to have time to experience new things, to have time to spend special moments together. When they are gone we will miss them and we will want to do things with them but they will not be here to enjoy life with anymore and it will be hard. If we make the time now though we will be able to look back with fond memories and laugh at the experiences that we have been able to have and to enjoy. There will be people that we are no longer in contact with but we will still have fond memories of them and maybe some day we will be able to connect back up with them.

Memories can be a wonderful thing and it can help us to laugh and have joy at the things gone past but eventually we will be a fleeting thing in the past. No one will remember us, they will not remember our name, they will not remember where we lived, they will not remember what we did. That can be sad for most people because they will not even be remembered by God because they did not trust in Him and they will go to hell. You need to trust that He has made a way for you to come to Him. You need to know that all the memories you make today are because God has made your life that way and He will help you to become a better person only if you trust in Him through Jesus and His death and resurrection.

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