Blog 284: Give it 100%

give it 100

There is often times in life when we are pressured to try and give 100% in life, tests in schools, university degrees, work placements. However, sometimes it is hard work to keep on going when we have loads of pressure on us. We cannot live at 100% all our lives and our energy levels certainly can’t be 100% all the time. We get tired and our batteries will get worn out, we need time to re-charge and take time for ourselves. We take so much time to do the things that we have to do but sometimes we are so tired and so worn out that we are not able to give our life 100% and it can affect us and make life a little bit harder. Giving 100% to all we have in life and the different things we do can be hard and we will get tired because we are only human!

There are many times when we find it hard to keep on going and find it hard to give it 100% but we need to and life tells us too. Sadly life tells us that we have to live at 100 miles per hour and give it everything we have got. However, sometimes we are unable to do this and we find it hard to do. We have children who need our attention, we have jobs that we have to get up early for, we have illnesses that zap our energy, we get tired and it is a natural thing. We can’t always give life 100% and it is okay not too. We don’t have to be okay all the time and it is okay.

There are so many things that need to be done in life and so many things that have to be done and we seem to rush it through. If we are going to commit to things that we need to do then we need to give it 100% and we need to give it everything we have. There is no point in doing things half-hardheartedly because you will only be slightly satisfied with the way it has turned out. If you want to get positive results then it is important to work hard and to be able to get the results that we would like to get. If we don’t put in 100% then we are not going to get the best results and the results that we would like. We need to give everything that we do 100% and we will feel better about life and how we feel about ourselves. However, it will be hard and their will be times when we want to give up but we are not able too, we still have to keep going with the children, we still have to keep going with the family, we will still have to keep going with our work. We will get tired and there will be times when we are unable to keep on going. We still need to give it 100% in everything that we do and not just the things we like.

Life is short and life flashes by but we need to spend time with our family and friends and the people that we love. As much as we want to put 100% into our work and our life things do get on top of us and we do run out of time in the day. We have times when we feel that the week has just flown by and we haven’t even been in contact with our family. Not only do we need to put 100% into our work we need to put into our families too. We need to invest time into them and know that they are loved. It will be hard but we need to have time with the people that we love so they know that they are valued and appreciated.

Life is full of ups and downs and things that we may not be happy with but we need to know that God is in control and He will accept us for who we are. If we do not have the strength that we need God will give us the strength, when we are tired He will make us more awake, when we get frustrated He will give us the patience to keep on going. God will help us and He will give us energy to keep on going and we need to be thankful for all the things that God has put in our lives. God will help us to give 100% in all the things that we do.

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