Blog 280: Gossip cancer

56706586 - businesspeople gossiping behind stressed female colleague in office

We all know that gossip can destroy our and other peoples life but we keep on doing it and we keep on getting pained by it. We have all heard of different cancers, breast, prostrate, lung, brain but have you thought that when we gossip it is like cancer and it can spread to places that we do not want it too. When we gossip about people it is cancer, it will develop, it will spread and it will eventually it will destroy both you and them. It can be soul destroying and it can lead to so many things going wrong, so many relationships being destroyed and so much hate in this world. When we start gossiping it is hard to stop and it is hard to say sorry for the things that we have done. It is hard to take away all the gossip that we can spread through telling lies and being evil to each other.

There are times when you gossip about other people and only tell a few people but the gossip will spread like wildfire and like cancer. You can go back to the people that you gossiped to but you will never be able to take it fully back because it would have spread to many different people. There will be lies everywhere from gossip and it will take time to get over it and it takes time to recover from it. Gossip will fester and it will be hurtful to everyone around. It is hard to move on and to have a better life because you are not sure who is talking about you and what things they know. You have to know that this is not the end. People will be mean and they will be horrible but you have to pick yourself up and realise that you have the rest of your life in front of you and it will get better. Life will not always be this hard and people will not always be this horrible.

We all have been on the end of gossip and it can hurt us. We all know the feeling when people are talking about us, we all know what it is like to know that emails are flying around about us. It is hard, it can be difficult, it can be destroying, it can crush our self-esteem, it can make us mad, it can make us angry and it is hard. Gossiping sadly is part of life and everyone does it. We all know what harm it can do to people but we still seem to do it and we still seem to harm other people through the words that we say. We all know that the tongue has no bones but it can break someone else’s heart, body and it can and will destroy.

Social media has had a big influence on gossiping and now it is more easy than ever to talk about someone and to get them down. So many people commit suicide each year because of the false things that are being said about them and it is sad to hear it. We are all human and we all have our flaws and we know what they are so we don’t need to gossip about them to other people. We will have days when we struggle, we will have days when we won’t like someone, we will have days when life has got to much and in that you need to talk to someone you trust, you need to talk to someone that is close to you. You need to talk to someone who you know won’t gossip about you and that is important as you will feel better and you can get things of your chest. We all have days when we want to give up but don’t as life will get better.

There will be certain things that we need to talk to other people about but it is always good to build other people up and not to put them down. If you are struggling with them it is better to go and talk to them rather than to talk about them behind their back. To begin with it will be hard and you may be the focus of gossip but at least you are doing something right. There will be times when we find it hard but God will be there. He knows when people are talking about us, He knows when we don’t have the energy to keep on going and He knows when we want to give up. We need to come to Him and rely on Him that He has a bigger plan for us and everything will end up being good and all in His timing and not other peoples.

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