Blog 279: Marriage thoughts

marriage thoughts

As you all know I have now been married for about 18 months and I didn’t realise that so much would happen and that I didn’t know so much about married life. Don’t get me wrong married life is amazing and I love my husband but there are so many things that I didn’t know about married life or things that I hadn’t really thought about. There are things that I thought would be different, there are things that I thought would be easy, there are things that I didn’t expect. I didn’t realise that marriage is so different to what I thought it would be, I thought it would be peaceful but I have a heavy breather in my sleep, I thought it would be quiet but we have all sorts of noises, I thought it would be boring but we never run out of things to talk about and I am grateful for that. Here are so things that I hadn’t thought about before I got married:

1) You both have to go to bed at the same time. We have a bed that is against the wall and so we have to make sure that we have to go to bed at the same time to make sure we don’t have to climb over each other. We also have to get up at the same time which can be hard! I wouldn’t change it though as I love my husband and it is like having a real life teddy bear to hug at night. We love being together and I am so grateful for all the times when I have him with me!

2) You have to think about the other person. It has been said in a relationship you have to give 50% each but actually you have to give 60% and expect 40% back because then the relationship will work. Being married is hard but it is such a precious thing and such an amazing time. Marriage is a gift from God and we are blessed and grateful to be married to each other. Marriage is a team effort and marriage is something that we all want to be part of but it is not as we seem. We each have to make sure that we are both happy and we are able to know what to do when the other person is struggling with things. We need to know how to support the other person and to be there for them when we want to do things ourselves. Life is hard enough as it is and so we need to be there with each other and we need to continue to work on our marriage as it is a gift from God that we need to treasure.

3) I didn’t realise that being married would mean you would fall in love all over again. I love being married but I love my husband even more and I have learnt over the last 18 months that being married I have fell more in love with my husband! Being married I never thought would happen but it has and I am so blessed and grateful that God drew us both together. I know that He will help us in this journey and He will help us to grow deeper in love with Him and His word. Every morning when I wake up to a messy hair of my husband I know that I would want it no other way and he is the best man for me. We both wake up not looking that great and we can laugh and joke about it. I love him so much and am so thankful that I get to call Him my husband!

Being married is a learning curve for both people and we need to rely on God more than anything. It is easy to get annoyed about the small things but God can help us and God will love us even when we feel lonely. Our spouses may not be with us all the time but God will be, our spouses may not always understand what we are feeling but God does, our spouses may not understand what we get annoyed with but God does. As much as we think our spouses are perfect and amazing they are still sinner and they will do things wrong. God can help us forgive and will help us to be able to keep going even when we feel that we are failing. We can trust God that He has our life in control and He will help us through all the things that come our way.

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