Blog 272: Do your bit


do your bit

Do you feel that you are able to make a difference? Did you know if we all did one small good thing each day then a lot of good things would happen in this world and life would be so much better and so much happier! We all know people who have made a difference in their lives. Corrie Ten Boom helped save over 200 jews from the Germans in the second world war, Winston Churchill helped the United Kingdom in the war, Martin Luther King was a civil rights leader in Africa, Nelson Mandela helped end apartheid and so many more people. They all did amazing things that changed the world and we should be thankful to them. However, do you feel that you are doing your bit to make the world a better place? How do you feel when you try so hard but things don’t go so well. It can be hard and it can be difficult to do our bit.

There are so many ways each and everyday that we are able to make a difference to our families, to our friends, to our neighbours but do we take the opportunities too? We can do the most simple thing and it can make a huge difference in someones life-it could even make them smile for the day. We live in a strange and negative world that doing something positive can come across as stalking or you can be classed as weird. It is not weird to do your bit to make the world a better place, it is not weird to offer to take someone to an appointment, it is not weird to help the elderly get on the bus, it is not weird to grab some milk for your neighbour, it is not weird to cook someone a meal just because, it is not weird to try and do your bit. Maybe if you did something nice each and everyday then life would be so much better and people would feel better about themselves.

There is so much darkness in this world and so many negative things that go on that it is often easy to think that people will judge you for doing something kind. You should not worry about them but be willing to give your time up to help other people. If you were in need you would want someone to help you wouldn’t you? People around you need help and they need to have someone who can support them. We may not know people very well but what we do know is that other people and their judgement should not come between us and us helping others out. If we did a little bit each day then life would be full of positiveness and love rather and hate and negativity. Will you now think about those people that need help? Will you think of people that you could drop into and see whether they are okay?

We don’t have to go all out to show someone that they are appreciated and we are there to help them. Instead it is often the small things that go a long way. If we all light our little candle and help someone there will be a lot of light to fill a room and a lot of warm to fill someones heart. We may think we are nothing and are not worth anything but we can do very little to help make someones day better and to help someone feel loved and accepted for who they are. One small act of kindness goes a long way and can make someones day or month better just because of that small act. YOU can make a difference to someone today.

So many people all across the world in years gone pass have made a difference in our lives and so many people have been affected by it. However, there is only one who gave everything, who lived a perfect life so we can be perfect, who died so then we do not have to die, who loved everyone, who helped those in need, who healed those who were sick, who fed people both physically and spiritually, One who was born as a babe but an extra special One. Jesus was born the perfect man but still had to learn how to walk and talk, but He changed the whole world because through Him we are able to come to God and live with Him through eternity but we have to fully trust in Him and be ready to change our way of life.

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