Blog 271: You have a yearning

yearning for more

Do you want to be richer? Do you want to have a better job? Do you want to have more children? Do you want to be more independent? What do you yearn for more in your life? Money? Family? Friends? Children? Good job? Bigger house? Better car? What do you want in your life and where do you get your fulfilment from? We have many things in life that we yearn for but we have to work for them and we have to have the strength in our body to keep on going. We all want to be good at we do but we need to have a yearning to do so, we need to be able to yearn for the better things in life. We need to yearn for the things that God wants in our life and to be so much better in the way that we live.

When we have very little we want more and when we have more we want more and more and life can get very selfish because we yearn for more. We have all heard celebrities say that just because they have a lot of money and possessions they are not actually happy. Can you imagine having all that you have and still not being happy?! They have the best car, the best house, the best holidays, the best partner, the famous friends and they are still not happy. Its amazing when you think about it really. If you think deeply you are going to realise they are not happy, they cannot leave their house without having a photo being taken off, they will be followed across the street, they can even be followed on holiday. The moment they leave their house they have no peace and quiet and they always have to look happy, it must be exhausting.

We all have a yearning to be better than we are and when we have that we still want more and still want better. What is your yearning that you have? We want the best for ourselves and for our children and don’t get me wrong that really is not a bad thing but it is bad and will be bad if it takes over your life. It is bad when you have a good marriage but want a better one so have an affair, you have just spoiled what you fell in love with and someone else’s live. It is bad when you want the best holiday and so take the children away from family, It is bad when you want more money and so never see your children out of bed. It is bad when you want the best car but it does not fit all the family in. It is bad when you have the famous friends but you don’t care about your mental health. It is bad when you have got all that you need but you still have a yearning for more.

Everyone wants more. Everyone wants the best. Everyone wants to be better than their neighbour but you know what it does not have to be that way. Maybe you should have a yearning to be a better person, to spend more time with your children, to have more date nights with your spouse, to build up relationships, to be with people when they are having a mental breakdown. Maybe that should be you yearning rather than all about yourself and what you want. We can get very selfish if all that we think about is ourselves and the needs we have. We should have a yearning to have more knowledge, to care for people more, to understand what domestic violence is, to know what it is like in the legal system, to know what our children have for homework. Lets start for focus on other people and their yearnings rather than just ourselves and our own selfish needs.

As you think about all the things you have a yearning for do you have a yearning to learn more things. To think about God more? We should have a yearning to get to know God through His word, to get to know Him more through His Love, His Grace, His righteousness, His knowledge and we can only do that if we have a yearning to read the Bible more and to be able to talk to other people about it. We should have a yearning to be able to strive to get to know God and want to tell more people about Him. What did you wake up yearning for this morning? Your selfish needs? Other peoples needs? Getting to know God more?

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