Blog 270: Personal Displays of Affection (PDA)


Are you a big PDA person? Do you get annoyed when other people use PDA? Do you use PDA? How do you feel about it? Should Christians do it? Should it be banned? Do you want to do it but your partner does not? PDA is a very controversial thing and many people agree with it while many people don’t. Many people want to do it to show of to the world their other half and how wonderful they are and other don’t need to do that because the world will just see. It is also used as a stamp in society of this is my partner and don’t you even think about it. What are you thoughts on PDA? I personally like to have PDA and know that I am loved but I can also be insecure about me and my relationship.

When I was first dating my husband I was very much into PDA and he was not, he almost did not want to hold hands. He soon realised that not only was it romantic but it also saved money as he could drag me away from shops that I wanted to go into hence saving money! At the beginning of our relationship we talked about it and realised that when we were out and about I didn’t want to be totally ignored and wanted to still know I was loved and he wanted to be polite about it. We chose to have limited PDA but not very much. It is awkward for anyone else on the outside of your ‘love bubble.’ It may be lovely for us but for the rest of society it can get annoying and very cheesy.

However some people in public like to see PDA. We are in a very wicked and unloved world and to see a couple still intimate and in love shows that it really does work and that love can still be around. We live in a horrid world and to see that love is still out there brings joy to my heart, it shows that if two people can do it then maybe more people are able to do it too. Maybe if everyone showed a bit of love to someone around them then we would live in a much better world. I don’t mean sucking the face of someone but maybe helping someone with their crying baby or carrying shopping to the car or giving the last bit of change so they can afford some medication. It is really the small actions that add up and add love to the society. Imagine if everyone did something small and loving for one person everyday of the world. It would soon change!

We should spare a thought for those people who are not in relationships, they don’t want to walk down a sidewalk and see everyone’s tongues down each others throat. When you think about that it can sound quite grim and gross. It is true though, looking from the inside in it is gross and uncalled for. A little peck here and there is not so bad but please come up for air! Did you know that PDA is okay in the United Kingdom but for many places across the world it is very limited and you can get into serious trouble? In India you are not allowed to kiss in the street but in France you can- I suppose now that is why people say they are the most romantic. It is cute to do PDA but please not too much and don’t get offended when someone shouts, ‘Get a room!’

PDA for couples in very different in every country, some countries allow it, others don’t and even other have a designated park for lovers (Peru). However when it comes to our deepest love we can show it anywhere and everywhere but we have to be careful. We can say a prayer, we can read a text, we can get an app and majority of the time people will not bat an eyelid. We can show love to God on the street corner and unless we are shouting or dancing then people will not care and they won’t even know what we are doing as we are not drawing attention to ourselves. Think about all those people that were in the coffee shop yesterday on their laptop, they may have been working but they may be working in a church and be reading the Bible. Isn’t that PDA to God so much better than anything else?

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