Blog 269: Life Lessons

life lessons

Throughout life we have to learn life lessons and many of them start when we are young children. Going through life is never easy but then we go through hardships is harder and it can be tough! We have times in our life when things are hard and we don’t really take it the right way, we struggle and we can take it out on other people. Going through tense times can be hard and we can blame almost anyone and everyone and even sometimes we blame God too! Going through tough times will not last forever but we will learn life lessons from them and we have to move on. We have to move on but learn from the past and learn from our mistakes. We need to know that our mistakes are there to learn from and there to help us in our future. We will make mistakes but we will all learn life lessons from them.

How many times have you come through something rough and have felt different, have become more grown up, become a different person? As we go through tough times in our life we will come through the other end and we will gain so much more. As we live life we tend to take things for granted and we tend to be happy with what we are doing until something goes wrong and it is at that time when we seem to hit a brick wall and we seem to blame a lot of other people. Once we have been through tough times we seem to appreciate a lot more things and we have to fight for them more then ever before. When we learn life lessons it is easy to just keep them to ourselves but we need to be able to talk about them and maybe some day other people may learn from us.

In my generation we almost haven’t been through hard times and we haven’t needed to think about all the comforts that we have and will have in our life to come. Only two generations back they learnt how to live through the World Wars and the great depression, they knew what is was like to work hard and to have the pleasures of this world. We have to work hard for the things we want and the ‘easy life’ is never easy if you really want to have good things. We all have had to learn the life lesson of working hard to get good grades, to get a good job, to get a good house, to go on nice holidays and when we do it should feel good. Those two generations back have learnt through those times to appreciate what they have because just overnight they could loose everything.

Do you appreciate the things around you? Are you thankful for the house you have, the family you have, the friends you have, the food on your plate every night? There are going to be times when we have bad times and we loose the things that we are not able to have, we have to give up the nice holidays and maybe sell the new car and that is just learning to live in our means. It is learning from life that we need to live and be grateful for the things we have. It will be hard to say ‘no’ and to not do the things that we want to do but eventually it will be better and things will improve. Each time we have a low time we have to learn from them and the next time will be so much better as we would have learnt that we do get through hardships. We will learn how to deal with things and what lessons we need to learn from it.

Life lessons are worth learning and they are worth knowing about from other people. It is hard to hear it from other people but in each hard time we have we will loose money, we may loose friends, we may loose hope and we may loose worldly possessions but we will not loose the love of God. He understands what we are needing to do in life. He has a purpose for our lives and He will give us the strength to carry on and to have the hope in Him that we get from nothing else. In all things He is in control and He understands us more than anyone will on this earth. Are you thankful?

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