Blog 266: Why I hate the end of summer

end of summer

Its that time again when it is the end of the summer holidays and all the children are back to school and the routine starts again. I have realised that there are two different types of parents out there, those who love it when their children go back to school and those who hate seeing their children growing up and starting a new year and a new teacher. There are those parents who celebrate sending their children back to school after six weeks of and those who lament not having them home with them. There are those parents who love the routine of school terms and those who want to be a bit more freer to do what they want to do. There are so many good and bad things to the end of the summer but I really do dread this time of year and hate the end of summer.

I hate the end of summer but I would never let children know that. When I was at school I really struggled with having to change teacher, year group, at one stage a new school, maybe new friends and now we put it on our children that change is a good thing. Don’t get me wrong I think change is a good thing for children but too much of a change may make the child insecure and uncomfortable which can be hard. I want to be upbeat for the children that they are starting a new adventure but inside I am hating this part of the year and hating what is about to come. It is really nice to be able to have six weeks of pure summer, the lighter evenings and the late nights but we all know winter is just around the corner and that is hard to adjust too.

The end of the summer holidays means that we have autumn and winter and I am never ready for this time of year, I am never ready to put the flip flops back in the cupboard and get the socks out and the scarves and the gloves and the boots. The list seems endless and getting out of the house seems longer! We all love summer, and those who don’t sorry your just weird, and the freedom to be able to head down to the beach for a nice sunset walk, to be able to put the BBQ on, to be able to invited friends over for a drink. Somehow we are not able to do this in the winter, it doesn’t seem the same to invite friends round for a drink and to sit inside! We all know that summer is that time when people seem to have much more time on their hands and seem to enjoy spending time relaxing rather than having to rush around.

The end of summer may have just ended for us and it is a huge adjustment. My husband has just gone back to teaching, this is when his busy period starts again and when all the mock exams and marking starts and it is hard. There are many evenings when he is up late doing marking and planning for the next day that even though we live in the same house we hardly get to see each other. I know though it will only last until March but that is half the year over and it is hard to be in the same room but to have him working all the time. For us summer is heading abroad, being with family, taking time to go to the beach and spending time with each other and the moment September hits it is almost like a brick wall has just come in front of us to stop all the fun and now life gets serious.

I hate the end of summer because it means dark evenings, dark mornings, cold, ice, car windscreen iced up, the coats on, the heating on and so many more dreary things but imagine if we had summer all year round? We would have the bugs all the year, we would have less rain and most of all we would moan about it all the time. We are those kinds of people that love to moan. We need to be thankful that God created four different seasons for us to enjoy and for us to treasure. It is really easy to moan about the start of a new school year and all that it entails but we have to be thankful that this is a time when the bugs go and we can wrap up warm in our house and have heating on.

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