Blog 265: Big Sisters Wedding

Cornwall Wedding Venue – Fowey Hall Hotel

A couple of days ago my sister got married to her fiancé. It may not have been that day that they had hoped for originally but at the end of the day they are now married and now able to start their married life together. It has been strange since their engagement because they had to put back this date from May because of Covid-19. It was hard for them to know that they had got most of the plans ready but were not able to have the wedding that they always wanted. Throughout the months of planning and preparing so much has changed, people have become sick, people have sadly passed away and their wedding reception venue folded so they had to find a new one. No matter what has happened though I am so pleased that they have been able to get married and have their wedding day with all their loved ones surrounding them.

Over the years I have been blessed with having a sister, sometimes we have not seen eye to over but have always overcome it, sometimes we have not understood each other but have grown to love each other, sometimes we have drifted apart but always got back together, sometimes we have had our arguments but always made up, sometimes we have been mad with each other but one of us would always make the other laugh, sometimes we have ben bossy but always heard the other opinion, sometimes we have shouted at each other but have always got through it. No matter how much we annoy the other person, no matter how much we stress the other person out, no matter how much we make the person laugh, no matter how much we make the other person sad I am so blessed to have someone I can call my sister. I am so thankful that I have a sister who can make me mad but laugh at the same time. I am so thankful that a couple of days ago I was able to watch her walk down the aisle and marry her husband.

Over the last few months that we have been planning this wedding we have had so many trials but at the end of it my sister has got married and now on her honeymoon. I know that they will make a great couple and I know that whatever the future holds they will be able to spend it together and supporting each other. This day may have taken a long time in coming but they have the rest of their lives to be together and they have the rest of their lives to love each other. I am so pleased to see my older sister married and I know that she will make a hard working wife and eventually maybe a loving caring mother.

I know that so many other people may be waiting and watching for their wedding to happen but it will come eventually. Just have this time now when there are no stresses, when there are no worries and you are able to plan your wedding casually. Over the years I have been to many weddings, my cousins, friends, family friends and more but my sister and brothers wedding are ones that I will never forget. I will never forget the joy we had as a family watching my siblings married their loved ones, we will never forget the radiance on their face as they say ‘I do’ and we will never forget the two families as they come to be one. Organising a wedding can be hard work but at the end of the day seeing the couple at the altar say their vows and have a look of love will overtake the stress and heartbreak of postponing a wedding.

God knew that when my sister and her fiancé got engaged they would have to wait to get married but He knew that everything was a perfect timing. Even now with what yo are going through God has everything in control, He knows when and if you are going to meet the right person if you are single, He knows if and when you are going to have a baby, He knows if and when you are going to get another job, He knows if and when you are going to move house, He knows if and when your plans will not go to your plan. God has a plan for everything and as much as it may be hard now God will never let you down.

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