Blog 264: These things destroy

things that destroy

Have you thought about the things that are part or you put in your life that can destroy you and your relationships around you? When we are young we often talk about the things that we want in our life, the things that we would be happy with, the person we would be happy to marry and we see all the positive glowing side of it but we don’t often see the negative things and the things that could potentially destroy us. We want to be able to chose our future but in the process we will chose things that will destroy us. Whatever happens in our life and whatever do there will be times when our past comes up, there will be things we want to forget but we will have flashbacks, there will be times when we think we have moved on but a small thing takes us back to that memory.

In order to make our future better we need to think about things now that can help us and that won’t take us back to harmful flashbacks, we need to think about the people around us that will be in our lives throughout the trials as well as the good times, we need to think about the jobs that we can settle in and not the ones that just fill a gap, we need to think about what we study so we can get into something we enjoy, we need to think about our life partner so that we are not in an abusive relationship, we need to think about the better things in life and what God has planned rather than us and what we want. Our past will always be part of us but we need to know that, that is our past and God will be able to help us with our future no matter what comes our way.

There have been many times when we have been told to chose our friends carefully, to chose our relationships carefully, to chose who we love and to chose what we learn carefully. Why? These are all the things that can affect us in the future and can let the past creep up on us. In both friendships and relationships we need to be able to hold our own and to be able to keep going no matter what is going on around us. One mean word from someone who we thought we could trust can ruin anything as well as our reputation. You need to think about the person you are friends with and the people that you get into a relationship with. You need to think if you told them your inmost secret would they tell, would they get mad? If so then you need to think again.

Some people love the wrong people and it can destroy them physically, emotionally, and mentally. It can make them shy, it can make them scared and it can make them withdraw and not trust anyone else again. We need to think by using our brain and not our heart, it is very easy for our emotions to get hold of us but we need to be able to think about things wisely and to be able to see whether it is good or our lives or not. It is good to have someone who loves you and you can love them but you need to see whether you can have a future with them and what the future will look like. We need to focus on our future and what we would like in life and how we would like to make a difference but we need the support of people around us to be able to do that.

It is easy to blame other people when things go wrong and not to put the blame on us but we need to think about the choices we have made and whether they are wise ones. We need to realised that God made us a certain way and we are actually under the curse of sin because of the first humans who lived on the earth. Not everything in our life will be easy and there will be times when we feel that we don’t have the support around us that we need and should have but God is there and He is able to help and support us throughout our life but we need to be able to come to Him and realise that we need His help.

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