Blog 262: Overcoming mistakes


We have all made mistakes, we have all done something that we regret, we have all done something that has not been good for us or anyone else. There is no one in life (but One) who has not made a mistake, the biggest mistake that anyone in life can make is not getting up from it and learning from it. Every person you could ever ask has made a mistake at some point in their life, from cheating in a test to driving on the wrong side of the road. Some are small and some are major but we need to learn from them and we need to overcome them. At some point in your life and somewhere along the way things will not go to plan and its not about how down we can get but how we can get back up again and how we keep on going.

Over the many years I have made many mistakes and I have done things that I wish I had not done but I know that I have learnt from them and I have been able to do the things that I have been able to do. We are not perfect people and so making mistakes will be part of everyday. There will be times when the mistakes will affect us but there will also be times when it will affect others too. It is when our mistakes affect others that will be hard and we will have been beaten down but we will have to overcome them and we have to keeping going and learn how to deal with them with other people around. We have to learn what it is like to make mistakes and to learn from them. We need to know who to trust when we do make mistakes too.

I have made so many mistakes in the different jobs that I have been in but each time I have left I have learnt many different things from getting home as soon as I can to relax, to realising that I need to have my own space, to getting to work early so I can adjust, to making sure I have a lunch break, to making sure I keep my personal life and work life apart. It is very easy to go to work and do the job but it is hard to keep on doing the job well and to do what is needed when there are so many distractions. I have come to learn that I need to have my own space to work well and to do what is needed and expected of me. Overcoming mistakes is all about how to learn from the mistakes in the past and this is what I have learnt from my past jobs.

It is easy to spend so much time doing something and then to realise that it wasn’t worth it, you did not make a mistake you just learnt that a lot of time does not need to be spent on one thing. You never waste time in your life doing something but instead learn the things that you do and don’t want to take forward to do other things. We often think when one door closes in our life that is the end and we are not able to do anything else and we have failed but actually a new door is opening and this is the beginning of a new adventure and this is the beginning of us learning something new. We need to be grateful for the things that we have been able to learn and how we have been able to develop throughout the years that we have been able to live.

As I look back at the things I have been able to work through I am grateful that God has helped me in my life and He has helped me to become the person I am today. I am blessed that when one door has shut He has opened another one and has helped me on the journey that I am on. I know that throughout my life to come their will be things that go wrong and mistakes I make but I know that God is in control and He will help me to overcome and learn from the mistakes. I know that when things don’t go right they are not mistakes but part of a much bigger plan that God is in control of, He knows the full picture and I don’t so I know I need to trust in Him.

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