Blog 261: Think about things

think about things

Are you one of those people that jump into something and then take the consequences later or are you one of those people who plan carefully so nothing can go wrong? Do you want to do something and ride a fast horse after or are you someone who treads carefully? I am almost ashamed to say that I am the first one but thankfully my husband is the latter so you could say that we balance things out. I am thankful that we are able to talk things through before we do them but also we are able to be spontaneous and go out to places when we haven’t really planned it. Life can be exciting but also dangerous when we don’t think about what we are doing. It can also be boring when we think too much and are scared of what is to come. Are we a Nemo and just go and explore without thinking of the dangers or a Marlin and think about the dangers, we have all seen finding Nemo and see the dangers that Nemo got himself in but do we think about that for ourselves. Do we think about dangers we could face if we do not think about situations carefully? Do we think about how our family will feel if thing go wrong? We have to get the balance right without being silly about the matters that are in hand, this is why life can be so confusing.

We need to have logic and think things through before we do them. I’m not saying that we have to think for hours or even days about things, we would never get things done, but we need to make sure that we have thought about the choices we make in life and whether they will harm us or anyone around us. We all know that ‘being in love’ can make our minds crazy and we have all done some pretty dumb things but so can living everyday life. We can be excited about something and so just jump into it rather than thinking about it. I’m not saying excitement isn’t a good thing, it is, but we have to be careful about how we use it and what our actions are following on.

We have to look and figure things out before we take on our next bring project in life for example we can’t just decide tomorrow that we are moving to another country, we have to think about the jobs, the language barrier, our children, our schools, money etc. It is the same with anything else in life we have to think about things before we do them. We may not have to think fully about everyday life but when big things come we have to think but be careful not to over think. We all know many impatient drivers and people who want to speed and get somewhere and we are just the same. Just as they may not get to their destination because of a speeding ticket or even worse an accident we may not get to where we want to get to because we don’t study and plan the thing before us first.

Young people are known just to want to do something and to keep going but as we get older and wiser we will learn that we don’t have to jump to conclusions, we don’t have to jump to something we have to do instead we can take our time and make sure that what we are doing is right, is just, does not harm just us but other people too. Many problems and many relationship hurts are caused by people not thinking about things and jumping to quickly to conclusions rather than thinking about things. Thinking about things can save so much grief and upset and talking to someone you trust about them is important too.

In today’s world there is so much to think about, so many people you could possibly fall out with that the list is endless but we need God help to be able to set time aside each day to be able to think about the things that really matter and the things that could hurt other people.We need Gods help to talk to other people about the things we are thinking about and to get advice from those people we trust and won’t pass things on. We all know that thinking about hard things can be tough but we need to trust God and His plan for our lives.

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