Blog 259: How does it go so fast?


Do you ever wonder why things happen fast? Do you remember you first child’s day at school? Do you remember when the years used to go so slowly? Do you remember when you were a kid? Do you remember when you had to go through so many different things to get to the place you are now? Do you remember when your child had their child? Do you remember when you got married? Why do things go so fast? It is a struggle to see that so many things just fly by and the next thing we know is that we are getting old and life is passing by us. I can’t believe that life goes so fast and things seem to happen that we least expect. We don’t realise that life does go so fast until we are older, have our own house and have our own family to deal with. It is mad to think that those children who were born last year are now turning one, it just seemed like yesterday!

This year I just turned 26 and I want to know how that happened! How did I become from being a young child to now in my mid-twenties and a married person. It is crazy to think how fast the years go and how fast we all grow up? I remember when I started my first day at high school, when I started my first day at college when I bought my wedding dress, when I walked down the aisle. So many things happen so fast! I have been married for just over a year and I bought my wedding dress just under two years ago. Life is crazy and I seem to blink and everything flashes before me! Why does life go so quickly and why does life have to always be in a rush! We never seem to stop to have time to just ponder and enjoy the moments that we have with the people that we love and can spend time with.

It is due to the life that we live. We need to have time for ourselves and we need to have time to focus on the future and on ourselves rather than having to worry about it. Life seems to go really fast and we grow up not knowing what has gone on in the last few days let alone the last few months. It is hard to keep going with life and we need to be able to take each day as it is and we need to make sure that we have time for the people around us. We need to take time to slow down the rush and we need to stop life going so fast. We seem to wake up in the morning rush through the day and then go to bed at night, it is not easy to just get through each day let alone to be busy through it all.

All through each day we go through the motions and we go through each day but how often do we stop being busy and just think about all the things that have happened in our lives? How often do we think about the things we have achieved? How often do we think about the past and how well we have done. I am really bad at looking back and seeing all the negative things that I have done and how I can improve the things that I do in the future. I know that the future will hold different things but I also know that it will be busy and I will need to slow down in order to keep going and to keep trusting and believing in God.

It is so easy to see each day with busyness but we need to take time to value each day as it comes and to see how God is working through our life to help other people. God knows what He is doing in our life and He knows what each day is going to hold for us. I am so grateful that God knows what He is doing in my life because I don’t! I am not scared about it though as I know that God is in control and I know that through all things He is powerful and He is better than anything else in this world. I know that through each second of each day God is in control and He knows what I will grow through and He will keep me close to Him.

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