Blog 258: Take a second

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How many times in the day do you take time for yourself? How many times in the day do you take time to breath? How many times in the day do you just take a second to see what is around you? How many times in the day do you take time to have a pamper time? Do you take time in the day for yourself? We live in a world that is so busy and so demanding that we don’t seem to have time to do anything let alone have time for ourselves. There are things in life that are demanding and that we have to do, we have children to attend to, we have a job to do, we have housework to do, we have different things that we need to do but we also need to have time for ourselves too.

It is important for all people to have time for themselves just in order to get through the day let alone any other time too. There are demanding things but there are things that take our time and they do not need to, such as worrying about tomorrow, thoughts keeping us up at night. These do not need to be stressed about and they take time out of our brain so we are continually busy in our head. It seems like we always need to be occupied in our lives and in our minds and it is sad that this has to happen. We all have technology that takes our time and it is sad that we are more concerned about that than living in the nature of this world and pleasure for a longer time. Technology will only satisfy us for a short amount of time but it will drift out and we will no longer be interested at some point. We need to have something that will take our interested for a longer period of time and something that we are able to learn from.

We all need to have time of from our work, from our family, from our children, from our friends, it is not a bad thing to do this as we need to re-charge our batteries and we need to do this otherwise we get exhausted and tired from all the things in the world and everything that it throws at us. We just need to have time off to be able to have time for ourselves, to have time with our family, time with our friends and no distractions. It is nice to spend time with other people but you need to think about yourself and you need to have time to pursue your own interests and desires. These will help in the long term and to be able to relax you more than anything. It will help when things

If we just took time for ourselves then we would see the beauty of the world, we will hear the birds in the air, we will see the beauty of the trees, we will see the delicate flowers, we will see the glory of the sunrise and sunsets, we will see the details of the bark on a tree, we will see all the things that we wouldn’t see when we are busy. It is easy to walk pass these things everyday when we are busy and so once in a while it is good to slow down and to see these things. We need to have appreciation for the things of this world and the nature that God has surrounded us in. It should fill us with joy that God has put us in such a wonderful and amazing country and we should be thankful and blessed by all the things around us.

God has surrounded us with all the things around us and we need to have time to enjoy it and if that means having time of work then we need to do that. If that means taking the children to the park rather than nap time then we need to do that. If that means walking in the rain then we need to do that. We need to have time in our lives to be able to look around at the creation that God has given us and we need to be blessed and thankful for the life that God has given us. If that means taking a second to think about that then we need to do that and we need to be thankful for all that God has blessed us with.

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