Blog 257: Black and white

Black and White

Are you a black and white person or a grey person? Do you see things as right or wrong or in between? Do you struggle with the ‘maybes’ of life? I am a black or white person and I don’t add in the shades of grey, something is either really good or something is really bad, there seems to be no in between. I arrive at my black or white without really looking at all the facts, I know that someone may not have done something wrong on purpose but in my eyes they are still guilty. I seem to come to any conclusion without focusing on the details and looking around for more evidence, sometimes this is a good thing but mostly it is a bad thing. It is good to not only look at things with a black and white view but also through grey too. We need to see the things that we may not have been able to see before and we need to see all the evidence rather than thinking that something is right or wrong when there may be more to the story or event. We need to take everything into consideration and not just our own thoughts and feelings.

I have often been told that I think in black and white and don’t think about the grey areas in life. That is just me though, I think a certain way, I argue a certain way, I feel a certain way. I want justice and sometimes it is righteous and other times it is not. Sometimes it is a good feeling and other times it is not a good feeling. Sometimes I want to stop looking in black and white but it takes time and maturity to do so. Thinking in black and white can be a good thing but we also need to realise that not everything in life is this way and it is okay for people to have different opinions to you-if we were all the same it would be boring wouldn’t it? It would be bad if everyone saw things as grey or as black and white. It would be a major problem that we would have to work through. Thank goodness not everyone is made the same.

I remember when I was a teenage and it so was annoying, I wanted certain things a certain way, I thought about things a certain way, people didn’t understand me and it got me annoyed because they just didn’t get my black and white thinking and it was almost like they didn’t want to either. It would annoy me that people didn’t understand where I was coming from, they didn’t understand that I thought and spoke a certain way, it seemed like they just didn’t understand me and it was a hard era to get through. Being a teenager is hard at the best of times but when people just don’t get us it can be harder and more painful to get through this part in our lives.

Most of society cannot stand us so they tell us what to wear, what we can and cannot say, where we should go, who we should be with, how we present ourselves, we have rules we must follow. If we do not do these things then society looks on us black and white, we are not what society wants us to be and so we are a ‘failure’. However, we may be a failure in the eyes of society because we don’t think and act a certain way but Jesus loves you and He will continue to help you through your life. I know life is hard, I have been a teenager before and I don’t want to go through it again but keeping close to Jesus is the one thing that got me through those years. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying the moment you turn 20 everything is okay!

Jesus can handle us, He can handle our outburst, He can handle our failures, He can handle us thinking a certain way, He can us breaking the rules, He can handle us walking away from the church if needed but want He can’t handle is you walking away from Him. We are black and white. We were black in our sin and our shame but because of Jesus’ blood we are now whiter than snow and we are forgiven. All we have to do is to come to Him and realise that Jesus is the only way through life and we have to trust Him through this journey that we are going through.

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