Blog 256: Up and Downs

I want to give up

Being born and being a human is one of the hardest things in life and throughout life it does not get easier. It is one of the hardest jobs in the world and everyone has to go through it. Life is not easy and there are hard things that we all have to go through life no matter what trials happen. There is no reason as to why things happen other than God has a plan. There is no reason as to why we feel emotions but it happens. There is no reason as to why we feel pain but we do. There is no reason as to why we get annoyed but we do. There is no reason why we get angry but we do. There is no reason as to why we want to give up but we do. It is part of life and we are sinful people and so we need to be able to keep going because God has a plan for us. It is part of life and it is what happens to everyone and we have to keep going even if we want to give up. God will not let us give up and He has a plan for every part of our life.

Life is full of ups and downs, We have the high times, people getting married, people having children, people getting a new job, people moving into their own house, one of your best friends is dating, people are travelling, people are wining trophies. When we have our highs we feel good, we feel that we are doing life right, we feel that everything is going our own way and it is wonderful. When we are up we don’t seem to appreciate the blessings that God gives us, we don’t give Him the glory, we don’t think about it for one second and seem to think it is all because of us and our strength when actually it is God giving us blessings and His strength rather than anything. At this time though it is easy to forget that God has given us the good things in life.

We also have our down times and it easy to blame God in these situations, people have lost their baby, people are going through a divorce, people are passing away, people are loosing their lives, people are homeless, people are splitting up, people are struggling, people have depression, people have anxiety, lives are full of downs and ups. We struggle through them and there is nothing that we can do to stop it. We don’t know what the pain involves but what we do know is that God has a plan and through all things He knows what He is doing even if we don’t think so. As much as we try we cannot stop the bad things from happening and happiness will follow pain, it is just the way of life and as we get older we get more used to it.

We can’t control what happens to us in life but we can try and prevent some of the things that can happen. We can’t stop things from happening but we can control our emotions and our reactions to things as this will determine how much we will suffer and how much emotion we will feel. We can’t run away from the bad things that happen in life but we can accept them and we can know that they will not last forever as good things will come around. It is all part of Gods plan for our lives and we have no leg to stand on to argue as He is the creator and He understands all the things we go through. We tough things happen we have to look them in the face and believe that God has a reason for this, we have to believe that God is in charge and He will help us through the hard things as well as bless us with the good times too.

We are all battling something inside of us, something that we want to get rid of but are unable to, something that hurts but we have to get strength from somewhere. All the experiences we have in life are for us to grow and develop and it is important to trust God throughout our lives, no matter how good or bad it is. If we truly believe in God and fully trust Him we know that we have a hope, things will get better, things will improve, we can have hope and peace to know that God will return and He will take all those that trust in Him to His everlasting kingdom where there will be no more suffering and we don’t have to give up because God will give us the strength that we need.

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