Blog 252: More than worrying

stop worrying

A lot of people have anxiety, a lot of people worry, a lot of people have depression but they are not the same. So many people think that anxiety and worrying are the same but they are not. Worrying can change day to day but anxiety is stuck in someone and takes a long time to get over. Anxiety is not making something big out of something small, making a mountain out of a mole hill but they really are not. We don’t make a big deal out of anything, it just takes time to sort things out and to get our head around things, a longer time than anyone else but we do get there. Worry and anxiety are two different things and it is important to know the difference. It is important to know what is going on in our lives and to know how we are feeling. We need to talk to people about how we are feeling and why we feel that way.

Worrying is part of everyday life and part of our emotions but it is hard and it does take time not to worry. We are always going to worry at some point in our lives, have we got enough money, how are the children at school, do I need to clean the house, is the washing dry, have I locked the house, have I got the marking, have I planned a lesson, do I need to defrost dinner, do I need deodorant. There are so many worries in life and there are so many that we really do not need to worry about. We seem to worry about the really small things as well as the big things in life that don’t need to be worried about but it is hard to stop. It is hard to stop thinking about them, it is hard to stop loosing sleep from it but we do and it can be destroying to us and the people that have to deal with us each and everyday. It can be a struggle to get through the day when we have things on own mind and we have to take time alone to sort it out in our mind and to think about the things that we need to do.

Worrying can be destroying but anxiety is bad too. Anxiety can stop you going out, you feel judged, you have low self-esteem, you feel worried and this is when anxiety and worry goes hand in hand. Anxiety can happen to anyone and everyone but it can be harmful to life and how we feel day by day. Anxiety is more than worrying. Anxiety is about over thinking and over worrying about the things in life that almost don’t need to be. We stay awake at night thinking of the things that could happen, the things that may not happen but we still get anxiety over it. It is hard to keep on top of things and not to have anxiety but God can help through all things.

We don’t always know what the difference is between worrying and anxiety is really but God knows and He understands and He gets how we are feeling even when we are not able to talk to other people about it. It is important to be able think about the difference about worry and anxiety and to determine how people are feeling. There are so many different feelings that we have in life and some are almost more important than others. Different feelings can affect our life and we need to be able to talk about how we feel because otherwise we will just sink into are our thoughts and that can be dangerous for anyone but especially those who have a mental illness. It is important to get the support that we need and to have a good support network around us.

We can have all the people around us but most of all God is the only One who can fully know how we are feeling and will understand it. God created us and God knows us inside out, God loves us and God will look after us. God will help us through all the different emotions that we face, all the different situations we face, all the different people we face, all the places we go, all the sights we see, God will be with us and God will never leave us. We have different people that come in and out of our lives but God is there for us no matter what.

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