Blog 251: Time

time alone

Don’t you just like spending time alone? Time when you can have ‘you’ time, time when the children are in bed, time when you can pamper yourself, time you can read a book, time when you can have a longed for bath, time when it is just you and no one else. No one can disturb you, no one needs to call out to you, no one needs you and it is such a nice thing to just have some time alone and to recharge the batteries. Having time alone is important especially when you have a family and work all the time you need time to just have ‘you’ time. It is an important to have this time to see what the day holds and to have time for yourself when no one else can bug you. It is important to spend time with those people that we love but also to spend time alone and to re-charge our batteries and get our strength back again.

Some people love to go out, have a drink and party the night away but for me it is nice to have a quiet night in with my husband or on my own. I love getting the duvet out, having a mug of tea and watching a movie or even having a bath. My home is quiet comfy and enjoyable and I love nothing better than having a nice quiet time in, mainly that my bed is so comfy! However, during the summer I love heading out because it is light and warm but in the winter you can find me at home having my time alone! I know it is summer but we still have rain and it can be hard to head out but it is great but we can have a duvet day! Nothing beats staying in a onesie and watching Netflix whether that is on our own or with other people. It is good to get our strength back up and to be able to help us to relax more and more.

While it is windy inside, the rain hits the windows, the darkness comes over it is nice to be alone, comfy and warm. Can you think of anything better to do? Nothing is better than having a hot bath, having a duvet day, having a hot drink and being with the people you love or being alone. It is important to have the time, to make time for your family but also for yourself too. Being with family is amazing to have time with but having time alone just for yourself is good also. It is not a bad thing to be alone and need time alone, we can’t also keep a face on to be with other people, we need to relax too! Being in a relationship can be all well and goods but there are times when you need to just be alone and charge those batteries. It is good to be alone but we do not want to become isolated from other people and especially those people that we love. We need to get people to support us and we need to be willing for people to spend time with us.

If you need time alone then have time alone, there is nothing bad about needing time to have to yourself and people shouldn’t take it so personally. If you can’t hack being with people then don’t worry it is something that you shouldn’t worry about. Even if you don’t have an excuse then just tell them the truth that you are ‘peopled out’ and you need time alone to just be you. Having time alone is crucial to be able to keep going and to be able to have more people time. For some people being with others is charging batteries but for me I need to have time alone, I need to have time to have no commitments and nothing on and I can re-charge again!

It is important to have time alone not just to re-charge our batteries but to hear God talking to us. We need to have time alone to be able to speak to God and for Him to talk to us. We need to have time alone to develop our relationship with Him and to trust Him more and more throughout our lives. God should be the number one priority in our lives but to do that we have to have time alone. Not only is time alone important for us to re-charge  but so that God can help us re-charge too.

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