Blog 250: To my parents


Today is the day of my fathers birthday and two days before my mothers. I want to dedicate this blog to them and to show them how much I love them. Don’t get me wrong I love showing them my love with their birthdays but I do really wish that they weren’t two days apart! I find birthdays the best time to shower someone with gifts, spoil them and make sure that they feel loved and accepted for who they are. I enjoy showing this more to my parents than anyone else because they have had to deal with me for the longest and they have had to pick up all my pieces when things have not gone right and I have felt that I am not worthy. Parents are so special and important to our lives that we need to show them almost more appreciation than anyone else we know. We need to show them that we love them as much as they love us. This is for you Mum and Dad:

17th November 1999 your lives changed forever with having three children overnight and having to deal with all the baggage that we came with. I still can’t believe that you did this for us, it must have been crazy waking up that morning to children in your house when you had been used to two people. You gave us all such an amazing childhood, you helped us, encouraged us, listened to us, accepted us, disciplined us, played with us, took us on days out, took loads of photos, protected us, guided us, helped us understand the world, understand God and His word, helped us socially and so much more and I personally am thankful for all that you have done for both me and my siblings. We didn’t always see eye to eye but you knew what you were trying to do and you know what we needed before we did, you knew that we needed help before we did, you knew the guidance we needed, you knew the love we needed, you knew the ‘tough’ love we need and I am so thankful for that. If I can be like this to my children then I know where I have got it from and I will be grateful and blessed.

Mum aka mumski aka nannie thank you for your listening ears, thank you for your hugs; there is nothing like a mum hug, thank you for giving me chocolate, thank you for keeping me motivated, thank you for talking to me and giving me advice. I am so sorry for the times when I have not listened, for slamming so many doors and when I have thought my way is the best way even when I clearly know it is not. I’m so glad that we have now been able to compromise and we have had time to talk about the things that we need to talk about. I am so glad that as we have both got older we have grown closer and now with me being a wife you are helping me with how to be a wonderful one. If I am half as good a wife as you are to my husband then I will be thrilled and I will know where all my guidance has come from.

Dad aka Pop Pop aka Grandpops you are amazing! I love the way you kept the house going, the way you are willing to come and DIY, the way you chit chat with us, the way you have supported us, the way your willing to talk, thank you for keeping us fed and healthy, thank you for being ‘dads taxi,’ thank you for being there, thank you for just being on the end of the phone. We haven’t had the best times together but you have still loved me through all the ups and downs. You have kept me going when I have no energy and you have been able to help me with all the things that have happened in my life. Thank you both for being the greatest parents ever and now being amazing grandparents to baby F!

With all that has happened in my life and everything we have done together the greatest gift that you have given me is of knowing the Lord Jesus and knowing that all the gifts that you could give me this was the best One. You have both helped me to realise that God is in control and and that He has my future in place. I can do all the worrying in the world but it doesn’t change anything and God accepts me for who I am no matter how society feels about me. Thank you for being such wonderful parents.

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