Blog 249: 1 Year


It has been 365 days since we said, ‘I do’ and we can’t believe how quickly the last year has gone and how wonderful married life has been! We have been overwhelmed with how much support, love and prayers that we have been able to have over the last year and look forward to serving God together more in the future. We have really enjoyed the last year and getting to know each other more and being able to develop our love for each other. Our love is growing, our passion is growing, our patience is growing and life is good and I love my husband! We are looking forward to many years ahead and seeing how God works in us for His glory.

Everyone says the first year of marriage is tough and that is not a lie. It is hard because not only do you have to think about yourself but also the other person and how they would feel and whether things would affect them. It has been said for centuries and it is still true today if not a little harder because of how hard and demanding modern day is and will become over the years. There is the stress of work, keeping up with social media, needing to see friends, the demands of the house, pressure to have children, times to chill, getting a better job, spending time with family, making everyone happy, they all seem to need to have time and there is not enough time in the day. Realities of married life are real, trying to keep the house clean, combining two jobs, mental health issues, shared families, seeing each others families. We have learnt to talk about things a lot more than when we were dating because we know we are together forever and we need to work on our marriage. Plus on top of that we have the stresses of being young adults but doubled with a much faster pace of life and the pressures of everyone else.

With all this being said I would not change this last year for the world. It has been one of my best and I get to live with my best friend everyday-how cool is that! One year in it would look to the outside that we are all set for married life and it is ‘perfect’ but in reality whose is? Ours isn’t and don’t let anyone else fool you. There are still things we are figuring out, still things that need to be done, still things that need to be talked about, still things to work on but it is the greatest adventure of all time. I wouldn’t want anyone else to wake up to in the morning, to cook dinner for and so much more. Being a wife is a title that I am so proud of and a title that I will never take for granted! God gave me the best man to live life with. I will be forever grateful and blessed to have this man as my husband and as the person I get to spend the rest of my life with.

This last year has had its ups and downs but guess what as we go into the next year it will get better-the first year of marriage doesn’t last forever unless you are unwilling to work on it. Marriage is a gift from God and a reflection on how His bride is the church. God knew what we needed when we were first born and He knew that we would be social people and needed to be with someone. He was there for the first wedding with Adam and Eve and He will be there at the last wedding of Him and the church and the people that have accepted Him. We all know that God made marriage to show that it should be between one man and one women and God at the centre and I am so blessed that I get to experience it.

Marriage is a wonderful gift and I wouldn’t want to change anything about it. It is learning on the job, having fun, being with your best friend, getting to be goofy all the time, getting to wake up with your bestie next to you, going on adventures, heading on road trips, laughing together, crying together, talking to each other, teaching each other, supporting each other and relying on God more and more. 368 days have gone and we look forward to many more and God sustaining us for that time too.

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