Blog 244: To my Dad


It is that time of year again when Fathers are at the forefront of our mind, that time when we want to be with our fathers, when we wish our fathers were still around, when we wish those who have passed we would love back, when we wish life wasn’t so complicated, when we wish we had a father figure around, when we wish we saw our father more, when we regret the last thing we said to our father, when we have not treated our fathers right, when we want to spoil our fathers. It is that time of year again when it is Fathers day and everything should be about our fathers whether they are biological or a father figure.

Fathers are not to be taken for granted and are amazing people, we may not have the best relationships with our fathers but they are always there for us. Fathers have either given us the gift of life or life has given us the best gift that we could have. Fathers and children have a special bond and it cannot be broken. Fathers sacrificed so much, they give so much, they support so much, they believe in us so much. It is amazing with everything else that they need to do they can still support us and encourage us in our lives and the way we need to go. They are a guiding hand and support us through the ups and downs of life and still keep going themselves.

I personally am so thankful for my father. He didn’t give me the gift of life but life has given me him. He has taught me how to be a better person, to keep going when things are hard, to trust when I can’t, to rely on family and the ones that are around all the time, to come to him when things are tough, to call the phone when I need to talk. He has supported me through schooling, given me money when needed, given me advice, encouraged me, kept me going through college, helped me find an amazing man to marry. I love my father so much and I am so blessed and thankful to be able to have him in my life. Life would not be the same if it was not for him and with him going through life with me. It would be different, we would not have the same laughs, we would not have the same holidays, we would not have the same joys, we would not live the same life. I am grateful for all the times that we have been able to have with each other and the advice that he has been able to give to us. I know life with me has not been easy but I am thankful and I am blessed that he has been my dad and has helped me through life.

This journey has not been easy and life has thrown difficult things at us but it has been so worth every minute to have him by my side. Life has been hard these last few years and we have had time when we have not seen eye to eye but we have worked through it with God’s grace and have forgiven and moved on with our lives. He really is the best dad anyone could ask for. I am so grateful that God let my father be my father since I was four and the way He has helped my father be a good one to me. I know my father will try and be the best he will be but there will be times when he does let people down, he goes on holiday, he will be busy and things aren’t done perfectly.

However, there is another father who is perfect, who will always be there, who can always talk, who will never go on holiday, who will always listen, who will always be the one we could lean on. God will be the one who we can trust. Life will be hard but God will guide us through life and He will be able to be the best father that He can be and we can be His children if we trust in Him. God will continue to help us through life and will show His grace to us through all the Christians around us. Even if you don’t have a father figure alive or someone you can go to you can rely on God and fully trust in Him.

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