Blog 243: Husbands birthday


It has been just under a year since we have been married and this is the second birthday that I have celebrated with my husband. I love spending time with my husband and I love it even more that I can celebrate my husbands birthday with him. I don’t know what I like more looking forward to a birthday or celebrating it. This may be the second birthday that I have spent with my husband but I look forward to so many more. Birthdays are such a wonderful thing and every time I see a birthday I feel the wonder that God created each person different. I am so blessed to have the person that I love by my side, I am blessed that we are able to spend time together and to live our lives together. My husband is the best and he helps me with everything that is going on which I am so proud of. I am proud of the man he is and the man he is going to come.

It is amazing that a body tries to fight of a cold or a cough but when a women gets pregnant most of the time the body accepts it. I do feel for those people that have not been able to have a child, those who have lost a baby in the womb, those who long to be parents, those who don’t have the support around them to be parents, those who cannot be good parents. I really do feel sorry for those people and I wish that it didn’t happen. I think it is because of this that every child is precious and really is a gift from God. Each person that cannot have a child I feel for and I know that things are hard but that is why I enjoy birthdays so much. I feel that God created every person and we should celebrate each year that they are alive.

Birthdays for everyone should be special but when it is a husbands birthday it feels that it should be more important and we should celebrate it more. A man came into this life through a women, lived His life but then chose to marry me, to love me, to live life with me, to have children with me, to support me, to accept me, to keep going with me, isn’t marriage amazing. As much as try to love my husband as much as I can everyday this is the one day that I am really able to show Him how much He means to me and how much I love him. I am so grateful and blessed that God put him in my life and I am able to live my life with him. I am one blessed person to have God and my husband in my life. I look forward to seeing how God uses us in our life and what will be happening.

When we were both born we didn’t know how to talk let alone how our life would pan out, we didn’t know how to walk let alone who would walk into our life, we didn’t know how to sit up let alone who we would sit on the couch with. We were just babies but God knew what He was doing and God knew who we would end up with and who we would end up loving. He knew what would happen in our lives before the universe was even created. God has been good through our lives and each difficulty that we have been though He has been there for us. God has been good to both of us but God has been so good to my husband and has helped him to keep going and to be able to make wise choices that needs to be done.

Happy birthday to my amazing husband who I have been married to for just over a year and life cannot be better. Life has its ups and downs, it challenges, the easy times, the sad times, the happy times, the times to make memories, the places that we have been able to go to. I am so thankful that my husband has been able to be by my side and has been able to keep me close to God. I am blessed to have a christian husband and to build our life together with Gods guidance. I look forward to the children we will have and the way we can live in a godly way.

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