Blog 242: Dating story


I will never forget the first date I went on with my now husband, we were nervous, I hadn’t told my parents how I felt about him, I thought I was going to be sick, I had butterflies in my stomach, I didn’t want to mess up, it was awkward, it was weird, it was short, it was strange and people could see that we were on our first date which made it even more awkward. It was a strange time as this was the first date we went on, we went to Oaks park, sat on a bench and talked and it was nice. I wouldn’t say it was amazing because it was awkward and strange, it was a typical first date. However, I would do nothing different because look where we are now-married and soon to start a family. I look forward to seeing how our life develops and how God uses us in the future.

Over the years we have been back to the same spot and made different memories, we have had picnics there, we have rode our bikes and it has been amazing. We have been to loads of different dates to many different places, we have had times away, we have developed our relationship a lot more than that very first date. I am a very sentimental and romantic person so I remember the date that Dan asked me to be his girlfriend. It was 10th June 2018 and we were at a church BBQ, it was a question that I had been wanting him to ask me for ages. I really wanted to be his girlfriend and have a future with him that when the question came I was thrilled and I began to look like a cheshire cat! On the 13th June we went on our very first date to oaks park.

I remember all the dates that we have had together, we have went to wales to do a Christian camp in august 2018, Chester zoo and London in December 2018, we went to Cambridge in 2019. These dates have all been important to me because we have been able to have time together and we have been able to grow and develop our relationship which I am grateful by. I will always remember the day when Dan got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was 2nd March 2019 and Dan took me to Box Hill. I knew it was going to be that date because the day after was my late Grandad’s birthday and wanted him to somehow be involved in this day. We had gone back to the oaks park in the morning and was so sure it was going to happen then because it was were we went on our first date. He then tricked me saying that it would happen at lunch and then in the evening but instead it happened in the afternoon at Box Hill.

We went down to the bottom, I won’t tell you what he said but he did get down on one knee and he did have a ring in his hand. I was in such shock that I didn’t know what to say or do. Of course I said yes and I am so blessed that I did. We have never looked back, we have had our struggled and our ups and downs but we have come through it, we have supported each other, we have been through thick and thin but I would rather have no one by my side than Dan. He has been amazing and a real pillar of strength. We have come a long way since our first date. When I look back I can’t believe how nervous I was to now we can talk about anything and everything. I am so blessed that God has put a man in my life that is able to look after me, to protect me, to guide me, to listen to me, to talk to me, to be my husband.

I know there will be times in my life that will be hard and sometimes I don’t want to talk about my feelings but I also know that no matter what happens God will be there. I know that God will be there when I don’t want to talk to anyone, He will guide us through life, He will protect us, He will help us to love each other through the different things that life throws at us. Some days will be more difficult than others but I know through everything God will be there and I am so blessed to know that through everything we go through God will protect us.

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