Blog 241: Wife Guilt


Don’t get me wrong I totally am in love with my husband and I wouldn’t have it any other way but boy does he sometimes annoy me! I ask him to go and grab something out of the cupboard but he can’t find it (all he had to do was move one thing), I ask him to put his laundry in the basket (he seems to think that is on the floor), I ask him to hang his suit up (it ends up on the sofa) and so much more but I really would rather him and his mess than not him at all! It hurts when all I do is nag and he annoys me but I need to look at the log in my own eye rather than the speck in his. I need to realised that I am not a ‘perfect’ person either. I know I do things that frustrate him and annoy him and he is gracious to me so I have to be gracious to him too.

What is harder than dealing with my husbands flaws is realising that I am not perfect either and I need help to be better than I am. Sometimes instead of being gracious I can get angry, slam so doors, storm off, get impatient, use harsh words and I know that is wrong but I also know that God is gracious to me so I also need to be gracious to my husband. It should not be a matter of needing to but wanting to. I am often guilty of a lot more things that the above but the enemy (Satan) has a field day telling me that I am not good enough and I need to be better but God loves me for who I am and I know that God accepts me with all my flaws and failures. I need to be like that to my husband too even when it is really hard.

It is so easy to carry on and to think that we are not good enough but instead we have to turn to God’s word and realise that we are children of God and nothing can take that away from us. No matter how awful we have been in a day God still loves us and He will be there with us through all things. We need to realise that we are loved. Just as I love my husband when he messes up and has a day of pushing my buttons so does God. God loves me even more than I can ever love my husband. Every time we mess up God still loves us and still accepts us as one of His family. Nothing, no sin, no bad words, no anger, nothing can take us away from this and God will always be our father that we can turn to not matter how awful we have been in a day.

No matter what life throws at you, you need to remember that God will equip you with everything you need and God will give you the support that is needed. God has provided me with a husband, you with a family, you with children and He will provide all that you need as long as you trust in Him. It may be hard to see that sometimes but He has and will provide for you. We need to count our blessings and to be thankful for everything we have. It is not an easy thing to do but we must be thankful to God for providing us with everything including being part of His family. Whatever we are facing God will provide us with the things we need and He will keep providing for us all the while we trust in Him.

The stress of being a spouse, being a mother, being a grandmother, being a father, being a grandfather can stress out out. You can feel that you have so much on your plate and sometimes you do get annoyed and frustrated. Maybe sometimes you go to bed thinking you have failed and you cannot do anything right. Within 8 hours you have lost your temper, you have raised you voice, you have shouted, you have stormed of and you feel that you are not good enough in anyone’s sight let alone Gods but you really are. You need to tell Satan to go away and realise that in Gods eyes through Jesus you are perfect. We are enough because God’s Spirit lives in us and it helps us to keep going in a day and throughout the life we live. Do not be guilty about how you live but at the end of each day come to God with a humble and repentant heart knowing that He will forgive you and you are part of His family.

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