Blog 240: Broken


Have you ever experienced someone passing away? Have you ever seen someone leave your life? Have you ever experienced someone close to you dying? Have you lost a child? Have you experienced still birth? Have you lost a job? Has someone cheated on you? Have you had some sort of trauma in your life? It is so hard when these moments happen and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. At some point in pour lives we will all experience grief and it is how we deal with it that is important. These are painful situations that we all go through but how we deal with it and who we turn to is key to seeing how we will carry on. These situations can take you by surprise.

One moment you are with someone and the next you are attending their funeral and it can be heartbreaking. One moment you are in a job you respect and the next you loose it. One moment you are due to have a baby and the next it has been taken too soon. One moment you are in a really good, loving relationship and the next realise that they were cheating on you and your life has been turned upside down. The list is endless and the grief can be endless too because of the world we live in and the things we do. When we experience grief we try our best to get through each day as it comes and sometimes it relies on trying to get through each hour. You are still scarred by the memories that you had, the joy that you once had, the love that you once had and it is hard to re-adjust and to keep on going.

All the grief that we can go through can keep us up at night, we loose sleep, we re-play the situation to see if we could have seen something happening earlier, we wonder whether we could have done something different, we wonder whether we should have seen the warning signs, we wonder whether we are good enough. All these things run around in our head and it is hard to see why we are worthwhile. Grief is hard to bear and hard to get through. It is easy to think through all these things and to blame other people, the people that hurt you and to blame God. It is easy to make yourself hard against Him and not to trust Him. You know what though God is close to the brokenhearted and He will help you to get through the grief that you are experiencing.

When we grieve there is no right or wrong way to do so. Is you want to cry, cry. If you want to eat cake then do so. If you want to run then go for a run. If you want to sleep then sleep. If you want to share stories then do so. There is no correct way for anyone to grieve and if people tell you otherwise they are wrong. You do what is best for you. We do not often understand what is happening and our lives and why certain things happen but what we do need to do is to rely on God and to know that He has a purpose for our lives. God has a bigger purpose than we could ever imagine and He will help us to get through a time of grief.

Grief will never go away and will never subside but God will help us through it and He will be by our side to keep going to love us. When no one else understands He does. When no one see our tears He does. When no one hears our cries He does. When no one wants to listen to our stories He will. God is the almighty and He will protect us and keep us safe in His arms. In all things in our lives God knows what you are doing and God knows what our future looks like so keep trusting Him.

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