Blog 239: Keeping Faith

keep faith

Have you ever been through something and don’t know the way out? Have you ever thought that your attitude is not helping the situation? Have you ever thought that the people you have surrounded yourself with isn’t actually helping you? Do you realise just because you go away the problem may still be there? It is hard to keep going when we are surrounded by trouble and it is hard to keep faith and to keep on going but we need to never give up. It is hard not to respond out of emotion but we all do it and we need to keep faith and never doubt that we have been accepted by God through Jesus’ pure blood. We need to keep faith through all the things that happened and to trust in God through all the things that has happened and all the things that will happen. God can help us through our life and He will help us to keep close to Him no matter what life throws at us and no matter what we go through.

I know that through life we all have situations where we wish we hadn’t responded in a certain way and we wanted to go back and change something. It may be having a disagreement with someone and your voice got raised, it may be snapping at the children when they don’t sit still, it may be we can’t get dinner on the table at a certain time and get annoyed with all the distractions. There are so many times in life when we want to take back what we have done the the actions we have done because of our emotion. We all have big things in our life that causes stress to rise but it can also be the little things that we least expect that can take us of guard too. It is how we respond to them that matters and whether through the tensions and life struggles that we keep our faith firmly on Jesus.

We need to actively make the choice each day to rely on Jesus and to realise that He has every part of our lives planned out. No matter what life throws at us, the struggles, the trials and different circumstances we need to stay committed to Christ and keep faith that He knows what He is doing even when it doesn’t feel this way. In a ‘throw away’ society it is hard to keep committed to anything. Relationships come and go, people stay in a job for a few years and then want to move on, others drop out of college because they got bored but we need to stay committed to Jesus because He is the only one that can get us through this life and to the other side.

Do you find that your life goes in season? For months at a time you may need to deal with anything major and then suddenly everything happens, you get ill, the children have to change school, your landlord wants to put the house up for sale, you have just been made redundant, the white goods are gradually breaking in the house add onto that there has been a death in the family, you have been diagnosed with mental health things, you are needed with some church activities and so much more. These are the times when the trials come and you almost want to give up and don’t know where to turn. We need to keep faith and we need to rely on Jesus and His love for us. Trials are all part of Gods plan and we need to be able to keep faith in Him and not just give up because that is the easy way out.

It is easy to see that God may not be in control of your life but He is. He has His hand in the little details of your life. The things that you don’t see God is in control off. It is easy to see trials as something hard but maybe you can use this time to come close to God and ask for His strength to keep faith and to keep on going through everything, through the small trials to the huge trials, to the private trials to the public trials. It is time for you to have faith in God and to be able to trust Him for all things. No matter what you are going through in life things will get easier and God has a much better plan for you than you would ever imagine.

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