Blog 236: Light in Darkness

light in darkness

Life is full of darkness, it is full of pain, it is full of pitch blackness, we try and get through things, we hide away from things, we hide all our secrets, we hide the things that hurt us, we hide from the things we don’t want to face but one day we have too and one day we have to come into the light and remember that God put us on this earth for a reason. We are meant to be the light in this dark world and we should not hide our light and the way that we feel.

In the world of darkness there are so many things that go on, so many things that hurt other people. There are shootings, killings, murder, beatings, mugging, bad driving, stealing, answering back, swearing, drug and so much more. We live in a dark world and we can try as much as we can to try and stop this but we live in a dark full world because of our sin. We may not think this because we have the sun and compared to some people we have it easy but we are still living in a dark world with the sin. Sin is something that is in all people and it is because of this that things in the world are not perfect and we have problems.

As with a torch you wouldn’t hide that in a dark room so we shouldn’t hide ourselves and the light of Jesus that comes through us. Jesus is the light of this world and we need to show people that He is the only one that can change the darkness in this world. We need to show people light but in order to do that we have to let people into our lives. We have to make sure that people take an interest in our lives. It is hard and we are different so we are bound to have people think of us strangely but we are Gods child and so we are already accepted by the best in the world.

I know that sometimes we feel that we are not the best and we believe that we are not good enough. Society tells us that we need to be better looking, more fit, skinnier, hard working and so much more that we have a hard time believing that we are worth it and we are good enough in this world. Society is led by sin and so we should not listen to what it has to say but instead we need to listen to God and what He has to say to us. We are His children, His heirs, His chosen. We need to listen to His truth rather than the lies of this world. We need to listen to God’s love rather than the so called love of society.

God made us in the image of Him but with sin in this world we have fallen and we are becoming the way of the world. The standards of society are hard to keep to and the line is very high but it is not the same for God. All He wants us to do is to be humble and to realise that we are not perfect and we need help. We need help to be the light in this dark world, we need light to be better people, we need light to show Gods goodness, we need light to keep focused on God, we need light to believe that God is the one true way. Satan wants to tell us that we are not good enough but we are and God wants us to know that we are perfect in His sight if we come to Him through Jesus-Will you do this?

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