Blog 235: God makes you wait


How hard do you find it to wait? Do you find waiting annoying? Is waiting not for you? Do you get annoyed when you have to wait? Do you struggle with waiting for the right time? Does waiting frustrate you? You may have been wanting to do something for so long and the right time has not been able to come. You may have been wanting to have a family but it is not in Gods timing. You may have to wait for another job and it is hard to wait. You may have to wait to get married and it may be annoying. Waiting is annoying and it can be hard. Waiting can be frustrating and I have sympathy for you. I hate waiting and I am the most impatient person in this world. I would rather do things now and take on the consequences later because I want to and I don’t want to wait. God makes me wait and I need to be patient and understand that.

It is hard when God makes us wait for things. He makes us wait for healing and their is none. He makes us wait for His calling in our lives and there is no direction. He makes us wait for our family to come to Him and there is nothing. He makes us wait for a prayer to be answered and He doesn’t. He makes us wait for every prayer that we have ever prayed. He makes us wait for an answer but it seems like He is so far away and it is hard. God makes us wait for things even when it is hard to do so but everything is in His timing and everything is done for His goodness and in His will. God knows that we will have a future that is hard and He knows that will have to wait for things but we should know that He does them in His timings and not just our timings. God knows what timing we are able to keep up with and He will give us the patience in the meantime.

Are you ready for God to take over your life and to wait for everything to happen in His timing? Are you allowing Him to guide you through life and all that you will experience as well as all the struggles? Most people don’t like to wait and they have no patience in life let alone when God wants us to wait. We always seem to be in a hurry to keep going, to get things done, to get out of work but God is not in a hurry and it is because of this that we have to be patient and we have to wait. Waiting is part of life and part of God developing us into the people that He wants us to be. Are we willing for Him to do this and to have patience? Are you willing to wait for Gods timings? Are you willing to wait for God to do things in your life?

We have to learn to wait because not not everything needs to be done in our time frame and this means we can easily be discouraged and annoyed at everyone and at God that we are not able to do things in our own time. It can be easy for is to be mad at God and think that He has forgotten us but He has not. He has a plan for us and everything happens in His will and for His timing and we should be thankful that God is in charge of our life. In this world of changing and not knowing what is fully happening we should be grateful that God knows what He is doing in our lives and we have to let God be in control and not to try and take over what His plan is for us.

When life feels hard and frustrating God is in control and we have to wait to be able to wait for God. We need to wait for God and His direction in our lives however, this does not mean that we just sit back and relax and think God will bring everything to us. However, we need to continue to work hard and to keep going with life while waiting for God. He will give us patience and have good reasons as to why we need to wait. Waiting is part of life and we need to accept it and to rely on God more and more.

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