Blog 233: I’m stuck

Stuck in the mud

Do you ever feel like you are stuck? You are stuck on homework? You are stuck in a job that you don’t like? You are stuck in a relationship and you don’t know the way out? You are stuck in everyday life? You are stuck in the rut of life? You are stuck in a health situation? You are stuck in the house? You are stuck with the children? You are stuck in the routine of everyday life? I remember going on holiday and getting stuck in the mud and loosing my wellies, that was fun. However, life can be tough if we are stuck with just being in everyday life and life being mundane. Being stuck can be hard and sometimes we don’t know the way out and sometimes it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel but there is and we don’t have to be stuck forever. We won’t be stuck with the things that are going on but will come through it. We may loose things on the way but the journey will get better.

We are always going to be in situations that get us stuck and we need to realise that that we cannot trust ourselves to get us out of this situation. We do not have the ability to get out of the situation, we are not able to have our own strength to be able to get out of a stuck situation, we are not able to keep going when we are stuck, we are not able to use our own faith to get out of the situation. We need to rely on something or someone else to help us to be able to get through life. For you it might be your family, friends or spouses but for me it is God and His faithfulness to me. God has been true to me when I have got stuck and He has been true to me when things happen, He will be faithful to me and He will help me to get through the mud even when I loose family and friends because of the journey that I am on.

Life is full of ups and downs and we are going to get stuck at some point in our lives and it easy to use our own strength to get through the times when we are stuck but it is not good to do so. Our first instinct is to try and fix it ourselves but then we get annoyed when we are not able to do it, we somehow forget that we are human and things are not going to go the way we want. We try and get out of being stuck but other things pile up and life keeps going that we feel deflated and we keep getting stuck with whatever life throws at us-it is the way of life and we need to accept it but we still don’t like it and we give up. Giving up is not the way we should go and we should rely on God and His love that we have for each other.

When we get stuck it is hard and we feel bad that we are not able to do things, we are not able to do it in our own strength. We need to look towards something or someone else. This could be family, friends, spouse and children but realistically they are not able to get us unstuck because they are stuck in life themselves and they have to deal with their own lives. They need to be able to get unstuck themselves so they can’t always help us and they can’t always be there to support us. However there is One that is able to support us no matter what we go through.

Jesus is the only one who can help us to get unstuck and can help us to keep going no matter what happens in our lives. We need to look for something else and not our own strength and that is Jesus’. He gives us the the strength that we need each day and if we come to him then He will help us to get unstuck from all the things in life that gets us stuck. We are going to get stuck in life because we are humans and we are sinners and however much we think so we are not perfect. We need to come to Jesus and accept that we are sinners and need His help to get unstuck from our sinful life.

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