Blog 231: No Sleep


We all loose sleep over something, a new baby, worried about something, starting a new job, its too hot, its too cold, your partner is snoring, bad weather outside, loads of work to do, TV series you want to watch, you need to sort the house out, your hungry, you need the toilet. We all loose sleep over something in life, it is frustrating and it can be tiring. It started when we were born and hungry all through the night and would wake up and loose sleep however we were able to sleep in the day but as we got older it got worse and some people need more sleep than others. Some people are light sleepers and others are heavy and don’t wake up with even the fire alarm going off. I have been a deep sleeper all my life but now I am getting to the point where I am a light sleeper and almost anything can wake me up.

Sleep matters and it is a really hard thing to get enough time to do the things that we need to do. The day is almost too short to be able to do work, exercise, sleep, eat, look after the family and relax! It is because of this that sleep suffers but so then does our mood and we tend to take it out on other people which is not a good thing. There are so many people across the world that struggle with sleep and so many people who wish they would be able to have more hours of sleep. Missing sleep can be hard and there are things we are able to do to prevent it including going to bed earlier, having the right mattress, having the right temperature in the bedroom and more. However, there will be times when we are not able to sleep just because of nothing. It will be hard and the day will become long because of the lack of sleep that we have.

It is because we lack sleep that we then lean on coffee and other substances to be able to keep us awake. However, these do make us more awake and less likely to sleep and to get a good nights sleep at least. It is a never ending cycle that can be hard and it gets harder with jobs that are more demanding and with children that need help and need to be loved even throughout the night. Sleep is sacrificed for other things and we all suffer because of it. There are 5 things that we are able to do before we sleep. We need to have the right environment, we need to stop having substances that work against sleep, we need to use the bed for sleeping and relaxing, we need wind down before bed and get up at the same time everyday.

All of the above sound hard and may be frustrating to try and keep these but they do work and it does help people to get a good sleep. Sleep is a good time to be able to relax and to be able to let the body restart for the day ahead. It is important that we have the right amount of sleep and we have the right value of sleep otherwise that is not going to help us to keep going in the day. These all may sound hard and we try and rely on other things to get through the day but I know that we don’t always have time to do this. We don’t always have time to grab a coffee on the way to work but we have to learn to keep on going. We have to get over the fact that not everyone can get enough sleep and that we need to be gentle with those people who don’t have enough sleep and get tired easily.

With trying to get through each day with very little sleep it is important that we keep going, however, we can rely on something better to get us through the day. God can give us the energy that we need and He will give us the strength to be able to keep us going throughout the day. God will keep our strength up and He will make sure that we have people around us to keep us going not matter what life throws at us. God will help us to be gentle and God will continue to help us to get through each and everyday no matter what happens and no matter what life throws at us.

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