Blog 230: ‘May the fourth be with you’

May the fourth be with you

Today is the 4th may so for most Star Wars fan this is a major day in the calendar where they have a full star Wars Day. It is the annual celebration day of Star Wars. A lot of people have Star Wars parties and have fun but it is not for me, I was always scared about the enemies and the machines. There are many other days in the calendar that I love to celebrate and so I don’t do this day in the calendar. I understand why people do this and it is meant to be a fun day and enjoyable. It is meant to be a day when people have fun with Star Wars and they have fun with the hobby that they have. It can be a fun day for many people but for me I don’t understand it.

There are so many amazing quotes from Star Wars and there are so many people who recognise them. There are so many famous quotes from the different movies that have been released. Here is a few with a response that I would like to hear back:

‘No, I am your father.’ Says Darth Vader. However if we are Christians than God is our father and we are His children. We need to accept that God is in charge and have faith in Him so that we can trust in Him for our lives. God is in charge of us and He is our Father but we have to accept Him into our hearts.

‘I see through the lies of the Jedi. I do not fear the dark side as you do.’ Says Darth Vader. God is perfect and God is just. God is all powerful and all-knowing. God is the creator and made all things. God knows the light side and He knows the dark side because He created them. He knows the way of the wicked but He is more powerful and He will destroy them. He does not fear Satan because one day He will win and all the people that trust in Him will be saved and will be eternally with Him. It is important to trust Him for every part of our lives.

‘I’m Luke Skywalker and I am here to rescue you.’ Says Luke Skywalker. Luke is not here to rescue you, he is not here to keep you safe, he is not a real person, he is not the saviour, he is not the best person. Jesus Christ is here to rescue us and Jesus can save us from the dark side and the devil. Jesus is the saviour of all people and we need to trust Him and we need to be able to know that He is the saviour and not Luke.

‘I won’t fail you. I’m not afraid.’ says Luke Skywalker. However, Luke does fail his army. People die, people are captured, people are killed, people get lost, he does fail and so does the rest of the ‘light’ side. Luke does get afraid of the ‘dark’ side and he does have to stop fighting. However, Jesus won’t fail us whatever we do, however we feel, whether we are good or bad He will be there for us and He won’t fail us. You need to trust in Jesus to be able to know that He will not fail you.

God knows what is best for us and He knows what we need in our lives if we trust and believe in Him. Luke might have been brave and helped his side but He was not perfect and He did not do things that He should have done but he was still the best in the army. However, Jesus is the best and no one will be able to override him and His love for us. Do you know anyone who would give their life for you? I don’t think so. Jesus did- Will you trust Him?

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