Blog 228: Spring weather


As I mentioned in my last blog I love spring and all that happens. The weather is changing, the days are getting longer, the trees are starting to bud, there is new life in almost every field that you look at. Instead of waking up every morning to rain and dullness the sun is shinning and birds are singing, what better way to wake up in the morning. After a long hard winter it is now time for the weather to change and being warmer. It is time to put the coats away and get the shorts out, maybe. We hope that we will have nice weather but there are some times when the rain comes at the times we least expect it. There are times when we want to have the rain but now it is spring we want to have better weather with no coats and no layers.

I find it amazing that with winter past us peoples moods change and people feel a lot better with the better weather and the new things in life. We are affected by the surroundings around us and we change the way we feel. Spring is the time that we are able to move forward from the winter and to think about the warmer and nice weather to come. We seem to find that if it rains in the winter than it is a bad day however, if it rains in the spring we feel better about it. At the end of the day it is rain and we need to be grateful about it. With the rain we are able to have all the beautiful colours, we are able to have the sent of the newly grown grass, we are able to have the time when we are able to have the walks in the sun. This is the time when we can be outside and we can enjoy the weather and the new creatures that are born.

We need to be able to be thankful for all the weather that we have, the rain keeps the garden going, it keeps nature alive, it keeps us fresh, it keeps our water sources filled and it keeps us going. As much as we hate rain it is good for us. We need to thankful for the sun. We may complain that it is too hot but it keeps the flowers colourful, it keeps the birds singing, it keeps everyone in a good mood. We should be thankful for both the sun and rain as both keeps us healthy and to keep us going. We shouldn’t moan about the weather, whatever it is because God created it and gives us what we need. We moan about the sun and we moan about the rain but never seem to be thankful for it.

In reality things will either be good or bad depending on our mood rather than what the weather is like. We can always make the most of the rainy days and the sunny days. We need to be able to get excited at the rain as much as the sun. The rain keeps things going and makes things blossoming and the sun helps to keep things alive and colourful and for each weather conditions we need to be able to be thankful and blessed to have all different types of weather. How amazing is God that we are able to have all different kinds of weather and He provides the one that we need on a day to day basis.

God makes the seasons and God makes the weather that helps each season to keep on going. It is really good to be able to have four different seasons and to see how God is in charge of each and every one of them. God didn’t want life to be boring and so He created the seasons and the weather that comes with it. God is a creative God and the different seasons show this to us. We should be grateful for each different kind of weather and all the beauty of each season. God created all the different season and there are many different things that happen in each of them. God is a wonderful God and He created such an amazing world that we are able to live in. We should be blessed that we are in this beautiful world with all the beautiful things around us. Do you know today that God created the world so that we are able to have pleasure and to enjoy all that it offers.


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