Blog 227: New life


Spring is here! I have to say after the hard winter we have had and the cold weather I am glad to the see the back of it and to have all the new things in life that are happening, all the new lambs, all the new flowers, the new blossoms, the new trees and so much more. I love this new time in life. After having all the trees bare in the winter it is nice to be able to see the leaves back on the trees and things finally turning green rather than brown and dull. It is good to be able to finally see all the beautiful colours coming into place. What a wonderful God we have! What a wonderful time of year we have! What wonderful creation is made! What wonderful blossom on the trees! What wonderful weather! We should be so thankful and we should be so blessed that God has done all of this for us!

Isn’t nature wonderful, we have four different seasons in the year and in each season nature turns so many times and we have all the different colours. Nature is wonderful and God has put is into a place where we are able to see this all around us and we are able to enjoy it, walk in it, take photos and be relaxed in it. In each different season we are able to see many different things and we are able to see God’s creative hand in each season of the year. Each season of the year creates different things, different views, different colours and it is such a blessing. Spring is such a wonderful time with the colours and the new birth that happens. God has such a creative hand and He makes things so beautiful and so pretty and aren’t we blessed that we can experience it all in His glory!

Winter is cold and full of snow but it gets rid of all the insects and annoying bees and bugs. It can be dark and horrible but we have Christmas in the middle of it so the brightens up life. This is a time when we have to struggle through the dark evenings, the trains being late, the weather being cold but God made winter and we should be thankful that God blesses us with warm houses and heating so that we are able to keep warm when outside is cold. Summer can be too hot and sticky but we are able to have time with our families with the later nights, the BBQs on and time in the garden with beautiful flowers. This is the time when we are able to have the children of from school and we are able to have family holidays. We can go down to the beach and experience the warmth of the sea, we can have coastal walks and picnics and so much more.

Autumn (fall) can be wet, windy and rainy but God provides the trees with different colours so we can see how beautiful things are even when it is wet and rainy. This is the time when school starts again, when we are able to have the colourful leaves, when we can have the hot weather cool down and Christmas is just around the corner. However, spring is one of the best of the four seasons as it is when new life starts again, the birds are having babies, the trees are blossoming, the animals are having babies and the weather is finally getting warmer and I am so happy about it all! Spring is a wonderful time between winter and summer and helps us to settle into the contrast of what the year is holding.

I am so proud of the world that we live in and I am so thankful that God has given me this life to live and to see all of creation all around me. God has given us all the creation around us to see his glory and how he created the world differently. How can anyone turn around and say that there is no God when they see all the creation all around us, it just confuses me. Creation is how God created the world, how beautiful things are and what changes happen in the year. I am so blessed that God has made creation to be different for the four seasons and with the weather and new life that we have. How blessed and grateful we should be.

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