Blog 226: Can you ring me?

call me

Other than, ‘we need to talk’ this is the next scariest thing I can hear in a day. It brings fear and dread to my ears. In this day and age the words, ‘I need to talk to you,’ have gone out the window and instead it is, ‘can you ring me?’ We have all become so attached to our phones that we need to talk to people on the phone rather than face-to-face now. I have been ‘summoned’ many times with I need to talk to you or can we please have a meeting and it has not be nice. It fills me with self-doubt and fear that I have done something wrong and things are not how they are meant to be. I am scared to talk to other people about my feelings and I am scared to feel that no one loves me and they just want to have a go at me. I have been in so many meetings and I am now scarred because of all the things that I have gone through.

Talking to someone face-to-face in a more serious way can be dreadful, the amount of times someone has said that to me and then I have left a job, disagreed with friends, left in a mood, walked off is innumerable and if I got a pound for every time I would be a millionaire! Needing to talk to someone is a good thing and having support around you is even better. We can’t talk to everyone about everything but what we can do is talk to certain people about how we are feeling and what we want to improve in our lives. We should always be ready to talk about how we are feeling and how other people are feeling too. They may not listen and they may not understand but it is still good to talk about it and still good to get our emotions out on the table. Things can be hard and can be difficult but we need to be honest with ourselves and other people. There will be times when we find it hard and there will be times when we find it hard but we need to talk to people about it.

It is important that we focus on what is important to each of us and that we talk about how we are feeling. Someone like me with anxiety it is hard to reach out to other people and it is hard to tell people how we are really feeling. We would love someone to say that they are going to ring me or for me to call them. It is hard to talk to someone about my feelings and to pick up the phone and talk to someone. However, ‘can you ring me’ gives me fear and it makes me frightened of why someone would want to speak to me and why I would need to ring them. It is hard to continue to with life when I am filled with anxiety let alone then talking to someone. It is hard to continue when I am scared of talking to people and not being able to express my feelings.

So many people find it hard to speak face-to-face but it is important to speak to people and to put the net wide and let more and more people support you. Ringing someone in a day could be life-saving and it is important that you reach out to people who may be in need and may not have had anyone to talk to. It is important to that if you are struggling then you need to reach out and talk honestly about it. Be honest with those people around you and they can help with whatever is going on and they will help. I know it is right to make sure that people are okay but you need to be okay with yourself too.

As much as we try and talk to other people it is hard and it can be daunting but God is there. It is important to be able to reach out to God and you know what you don’t have to wait for Him to be free and to pick up the phone to Him! God is there when no one else is. God is there waiting for you to come to Him. God is there when you need to talk. God is there when not everything is going well. God is there all the time and not the times when you don’t think so.

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