Blog 225: Rest in Peace

In just a few days we will all be watching the funeral of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh was passed away 9th April 2021 at the age of 99. Not only was he the Duke of Edinburgh but He was also Her Majesty’s Husband of 73 years. In a couple of days time we will be watching as the Royal Family say farewell to a husband, a father, a grandfather and a great grandfather. As many other funerals the family will be in a time of grief, they will need time to grieve and they will need space to grieve in private. The Royal family may be a centre piece of Britain and the Commonwealth but they are also a family that need to come to terms with their loss, they have just lost one of the most important people in their lives. It is not easy loosing a much loved member of the family and even harder when He was so well known!

Even though it is normal for a senior member of the royal family to have a state funeral Prince Philip did not want any fuss and did not want to lie in state as would be normal for senior members. He will have a small private funeral with only 30 members of family due to the Covid-19 regulations. As sad as it is that the country will not be able to say goodbye to King of the nation and commonwealth it is important to do as he wished. On top of the Duke of Edinburgh’s coffin there will be his flag that represents his Greek heritage, the Royal Family and Edinburgh Castle in which he is named after. On top of the flag will also be laid his Naval Cap and sword which he was part of not just as a naval officer but took keen interest in over his 99 years.

As much as Prince Philip wanted a small ceremonial funeral He was Her Majesty’s husband of 73 years and we need to remember how much he did for the country and for her majesty. I addressed this in my previous blog but I think it is important to note that the Duke of Edinburgh was a very much loved person across the whole country and the Commonwealth. As we lead up to the funeral the whole of the country is in national mourning but the Queen and the rest of the royal family will carry it on for another 2 weeks. We may not have lost someone that has been so important to the rest of the country but we would have lost someone close to us and it is important that we remember how the royal family is feeling at this time. They have lost someone very close to them, they now have an empty seat at the table, they have one less person to go and visit, they have one less person to join in family events and that is sad.

No matter what you think about the Royal Family and Her Majesty it is important to realise that she has just lost her husband of 73 years, she has lost her confident, she has lost her soul mate, she has lost her the father to her children, she has lost her strength and hold, she has lost the person that was closest to her and she has lost the person that she loved the most. As much as words of affection and love will help her through this time it is important to remember that Her Majesty is in mourning and to know how that feels. Not only have we all felt loss we all know what it is like to have all eyes on you as well. We need to pray for Her Majesty and Royal Family.

Over the next few years we do not know what will happen, we do not know how life is going to turn about but what we do know is that death will come and we will be taken from this earth to the next. If you fully trust in Jesus then you will never die, you will live with Him in eternity. We know that Prince Philips faith was very important to Him and now we can be assured that He will be with His father and saviour in eternity and that although Her Majesty cannot see him again now she will one day see him again. They will be joined together where there will be no more pain, there will be no more tears and there will be no more death.

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