Blog 223: Forgiven

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Can you believe that Easter has come and gone? Life seems to fly by and events seems to come by quickly! Where has the beginning of 2021 gone? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ and now we have just celebrated His death-Did you know that? Easter is celebrated differently across the world but it all has a central point. Jesus’ death and His resurrection. We are forgiven because He went to the cross, He was beaten, He was mocked, He was scarred all because He wanted to save us. We are sinful, we are stubborn, we are mad, we are angry, we are selfish, we are cruel but God came to this earth through Jesus and He was killed for us. Jesus was the one who saved us through His blood and His resurrection and we should be ever thankful for His love for us.

Around Easter we have new life, lambs are born, babies are born, the daffodils come up, new flowers spring, spring is here, the cold weather has (hopefully) gone, people are going on holiday, it seems like a new beginning and a new time. This is what Jesus’ death represented too. We are sinners and need to be forgiven, we are wrong and need to say sorry, we need are heading to hell and need to head to Heaven. Jesus died for you and me, He forgave us so we can forgive others, He loved us so we can love others, He was rejected so we can be accepted, He died so we can live. How cool and amazing is that? Will you accept this? Who else would die for you? Who else would give their life and future for you? As far as I am aware no one would do it for me but that is the way us humans we are. We are selfish and want to think about ourselves rather than others.

When you opened up you Easter egg did you notice that it was hollow? This is to represent the empty tomb. When you saw the new lambs did you realise that Jesus’ death meant that you can have new life now? When you saw the flowers in the sun did you know that we can rely on Jesus like that? There are so many things that we can look around to now and see how things are similar to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus was bought before a court, He was flogged, He was beaten, He was cursed, He was lonely, He has His father forsake Him and all this He did for you and me! He is the best and we should be grateful for all the love that He has poured on us and continues to do so. All the time in our life He knows best and He knows what is going to happen in our future.

Do you know anyone else that would do that for you? I know people love me but I know for sure that they would not do that for me. Who would give up their life for you especially if you were the guilty one! We were the guilty party, we are the sinners, we disobey, we shout, we get mad, we think wrong things, we swear, we kill, we injure, we argue, we slag people off, we gossip, we get annoyed, we eat wrong things, we are sly, we sneak around, we talk back, we are sinful people that need someone to save us. Thank goodness we have God and He saved us from the sins we do make and for the mistakes we make. We are blessed more than we can imagine, we are blessed more than we can think, we are blessed more than you will ever know, you are blessed more than other people. We should be thankful for this wonderful news that we are forgiven.

Guess what? God knew that and that is why He sent Jesus. Jesus was an ordinary human with no sin in His body as He was also fully God. He went through all the emotions we have and will go through. His friend died, He got lost from His parents, He was saddened, He was rejected, He was mocked, He was talked about. Everything that we have ever been through and will ever go through He knew about. He knows more about you than your spouse knows about you. How amazing is that! Will you accept His offer of everlasting life and to live with Him forever?

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