Blog 222: Who is Jesus?


Coming up is Easter and all the things that surround it, the bunnies, the Easter eggs, the chocolate, the ducklings, egg decorating, fairs, dressing up and so much more. Easter is something that has been recognised across the world for most centuries. It is a time when people get fat eating chocolate, when people go on holiday, when people want to be with their families, when people enjoy seeing the new lambs and new flowers that have blossomed and most of all people like the four day weekend because of bank holidays and it is wonderful. We all find it cute to see the lambs jumping around the field, the calves suckling on their mothers, the ducklings learning how to swim, the kittens jumping around and it always seems at this time of year so many new things are happening and so many things are new and being born. What a wonderful time of the year it is.

Easter would not be hear if it was not for Christmas, Christmas would not be here if it was not for Jesus being born to a virgin and laid in a manager in a stable surrounded by animals. Both Christmas and Easter are surrounded by food, presents and chocolate but do you know the real reason as to why we have this Jesus and who He is? Do we understand this time? Jesus was both God and man and sometimes we can’t understand that but Jesus had the feelings of a human but knew that He was God, He was mocked just as we are, He was followed just as we are stalked, He was admired not as we are, He was sinless not as we were, He made miracles unlike us, He was the son of God just as we can be only if we trust and believe in the blood that He shed when He was nailed to the cross.

We have just celebrated Easter but Have you ever been so glad that Someone died? Have you been glad that someone came to earth for you? Have you ever been toughed by someone doing something for you? Has Jesus come into your mind? Have you given God a thought? Do you know that God can be your father? Did you know that God sent Jesus for you? Did you know that you could be a child of God? Did you know that you can live eternally with God? We should be thrilled that we can come to God through Jesus and we are able to be part of His family. We should be in awe of Jesus shedding His blood, for being beaten, for being mocked and He did this all for us. He did this so that we are able to come to God through Him, He did this so we can have eternal life, he did this so we could live with God. Life will be hard but we can be children of God through Jesus’ blood and we should be grateful and blessed for the rest of our lives.

Every year we look forward to Easter and the way things are but we need to know who Jesus is and why He came. Jesus was the son of God and He came for you, me and the rest of the world. Jesus was sinless, He was perfect, He was a human, He was fully God, He did many miracles, He was born of a virgin, He was killed, He resurrected, He defended what He was, He defended God, He was worshipped, He is part of the trinity, He ascended into heaven, He was the one who saved us through His brutal but amazing death. We should be in awe and we should be so thankful for Him and that His love was so great that He would give His life for us.

As Easter just went pass what did you look forward to? Did you still want the chocolate? Did you still think about all the worldly things that are happening at this time of year? Easter is a special time of year and we need to remember that Jesus came for us and He saved us through His blood poured out for us. Even though Jesus was fully God and fully human we can come to Him and trust Him. He will accept us for us and for all the things that come our way. What an amazing thing that God wants to know us and God wants to accept just just the way we are- do you know anyone who would do that for you?

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